Named Overlays

I have named a number of custom overlays but I cannot get them to display by using the custom name by saying . I've tried single and double word names. The overlays work fine if bringing them up by saying "Show overlay ". I have attached a copy of the my_custom_cmds1.xml file.

Thanks for any insights.
Mark Overman

IntMedDoc2019-03-08 13:49:48
I revised this reply on 3/9. My previous reply was incorrect.

There are two serious errors in the command file that you posted.
Did you create or edit the command file?

The errors:
1. There are spaces before and after your commands, e.g.,
2. Your command file is missing the first line, the style information: "<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>", so the system doesn't recognize it as a legit file.

I could post a corrected file but it'd be much better if you deleted the "my_custom_cmds1.xml" file from the 'C:ProgramDataVoiceTeachVoiceComputerCommandsCustom' directory and then start over again and name your commands through "Configure VoiceComputer" and "Name your Overlay (My Intag) Commands.
If you didn't create or edit the command file, let me know what version of VoiceComputer you're using ( Say, "Show VoiceComputer Version") and upgrade before you create a new command file.

1) You're using single word commands like 'vitals'. Generally speaking, you'll get better accuracy and fewer false positives if you use 2 or 3-word commands, e.g., "vitals macro".
2) If you want to create commands like 'sp' or 'ros', first dictate the acronym; see what Dragon recognizes; then use the text that Dragon recognizes as the exact command name. For example, if you say, 'sp' and Dragon recognizes 'SP', use 'SP' as the command name.

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I am using version 1.3.1. I did not edit the my_custom_cmds1.xml file directly. As suggested, I deleted the file and named the overlays again via the Name your Overlay function. I am still unable to get the overlay to show using the name, only by stating "Show Overlay ." I have attached the new
my_custom_cmds1.xml file. I had to rename it since the forum would not allow me to upload another file with the same name.


Add: There seems to be something wrong with uploading the xml file. On my side, the file seems to be intact but the uploaded version is not complete. Will see if compressed version uploads correctly.



Mark Overman
IntMedDoc2019-03-11 10:57:21
This issue is now resolved, after deleting the custom cmds file and several restarts of voicecomputer, the named overlays are working properly.


Mark Overman

I think you added a space before and after your commands, which made them unusable. I’ll revise my code so that it’ll delete extra spaces…