MyTags Overlay issues in Adobe Acrobat Pro (1st)


Help needed please - I’m having trouble with MyTags overlays created with VC2021 v1.7.5 within Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020.

Scenario: Three separate MyTags overlays created in Acrobat for the Edit, Comment and Organize Pages tools windows. These work just great within the original pdf file in which the overlays were created. :smiley:

The trouble is, none of the overlays are available for use with other pdf files on the same Windows 10 PC. They seem to be tied to the explicit window title associated with the pdf file in which they were created.

Any ideas please?

I’ve tried the usual VC Restart Speech cycle a number of times to confirm the overlays still work in the original pdf (but they don’t in other pdf’s) after a restart.

The default overlays are application not window-specific, so they should work in any file within the same program.

Please confirm that:

  1. You’re opened all the pdf’s in Adobe Acrobat.
  1. You didn’t make window-specific overlays? (by going to “Configure VoiceComputer” then “3 open” where “3” is 'Make Window specific Overlays for your application.)

If you can confirm 1 and 2, then the overlays should work in any file in the same program.

If they don’t

Email me (or attach to this forum) the CustomOverlays.xml file located in
C:\Users{your user name}\AppData\Roaming\VoiceTeach\VoiceComputer

Thanks RonK - You’ve hit the nail on the head for what was happening. :clap:

I had inadvertently turned on window-specific overlays for Acrobat. Have now changed this setting, modified the CustomOverlays.xml based on a previous backup and can confirm all is now working as it should for my three new Acrobat Mytags overlays. :grinning:

I really appreciate your help and quick response.