My Numbers questions

I’m filling in forms that open child windows that are not always the same size as the parent. How can I create an overlay to match the size of the child window that opens?

Suppose I move, or resize the windows, do the overlays follow and match up to the new window?

What are the differences between click, follow, and continue? They are used in the demo video but never explained.

I have the same question mainly about,“follow”. The demos show it everywhere, yet I still don’t understand the distinction.

The help menu for super numbers commands says that "follow " clicks on a “specified control, waits second or two to renumber display so that newly opened windows will be renumbered.”

I remember using the command in an earlier version of show numbers, but now that show numbers are automatically regenerated, I no longer use “follow” (though I tried “follow” just now, as a test, and it still works).

Thank you for the response. That is very helpful.

What browser do you mostly use?

For the most part I use Chrome.