My Intags Maximum

I realise you can have multiple overlays, but is there a way to have more than 50 Intags on a particular overlay?

I am using Visual Studio with 3 columns of tree views and property sheets where I need to click and drag randomly to more than 50 locations.

On my custom overlays I’m using a list of 200 numbers and that seems to be about the ideal trade-off on my fast machine between slowing down and having enough numbers.

Ron gave me some general instructions and since you are a user of Visual Studio you should easily be technically saavy enough to do these xml edits. Below is my interpretation of Ron’s shorter instructions.

Note I have not included the XML formatting characters like
in my descriptions below to make sure that something doesn’t get triggered in the reply code here on the forum. I’ve done these changes on four of my machines but you may want to wait for confirmation from Ron or Chuck and any changes that you want to make are at your own risk

STEP ONE: Copy your C:ProgramDataVoiceTeachVoiceComputer.bk1 folder to a safe spot before you start messing around with manual command edits

create your xml list of 1 to 200 numbers. You can copy the numbers you need from the 1to500cf list at the end of the document " displaynumbers - w 500.xml "

located in
“C:Program Files (x86)VoiceTeachVoiceComputerhelpVC_FilesCustom_files”

You need to make certain that you don’t have any syntax errors like a missing “>” for each
or duplicate

at the end of the list.

VoiceComputer will just crash if it finds any syntax errors.

That is why I just copied the 1 to 200 numbers from the existing file so I didn’t need to use a syntax checking tool. I first made the changes in all of the XML documents below and then went back and proofread them again. On each of my four machines I usually found that I had made some cut-and-paste error the first time so it pays to complete the double review and validation

STEP THREE: Copy this list of 200 XML formatted numbers over the over the existing portion of the XML file starting: ’ List name 1to50abc name ’ (XML document formatting characters omitted)

Edit it looks like the forum renders the xml correctly


sections of the two XML documents:




located in



then do the same as in STEP TWO but now for the two same named, backup command xml lists located in each of the two locations

C:Program Files (x86)VoiceTeachVoiceComputerCustom_files
C:Program Files (x86)VoiceTeachVoiceComputerhelpVC_FilesCustom_files

this last step may not be necessary as I was a little unsure as to how many Voice Computer backup files need to be edited to prevent an overwrite but I also went to


and performed the same edits

Phil Schaadt

phils2015-11-04 09:03:05

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the help it’s working now on 200 Intags for my custom overlays and so far does not appear to have slowed anything down…