Moving the Mouse by percentage

If I say, “mouse down 25%,” the mouse moves down. Ditto right. Ditto left. But if I say, “mouse up 25%,” the mouse doesn’t move. For some reason, this isn’t recognized as a command. Is this a VoiceComputer issue or a Dragon NaturallySpeaking issue?


What exactly happens when you say "mouse up 25%"?

Does the command show correctly in the Results Box (Dragon)? If not, view your recognition history. You may be having a problem with the number 25. Works fine for me and my Windows 7 set up is similar to yours, so that's where I tested it.

Try using a different percentage. That is, does "mouse up 20%" work. Try a couple of other numbers. Do they work? I think you see what I'm driving at. Nevertheless, the command is a VoiceComputer command, not Dragon.

Chuck –

DNS does not recognize “mouse up 25%” - or any different percentage - in the Results Box.
My Recognition History shows <???> for any variation of “mouse up __%”
Thank you.


In the Dragon Options dialog | Commands option, do you have a checkmark in the checkbox for "Enable mouse motion commands"? If so, remove the checkmark and try the VoiceComputer mouse up command again. Let me know if that resolves the issue. The reason that I bring this up is that it is entirely possible that the Dragon mouse motion commands may be interfering with VoiceComputer's "mouse up… %" Command(s).

Dragon's mouse motion commands are written in the old DVC script format. Some of our VoiceComputer commands are also written in the older DVC script format. I know, your question is why do the other VoiceComputer mouse commands work but " mouse up… % doesn't. It's possible that it is the way that Dragon looks for commands (i.e., the order in which Dragon and VoiceComputer commands are accessed).

If that doesn't work (i.e., solve the problem), try reconfiguring VoiceComputer's "Enable | Disable VoiceComputer commands" by removing the checkmark from the "Mouse Commands" and rechecking it, then click or say "0K" or the number associated with "0K" if InTags is enabled.

Wait for the prompt that tells you that the commands have been reset. Say the number or say 0K. You'll have to go to the VoiceComputer Control Center and say or select "Restart Speech".

Let us know the results either way.

Chuck –

No luck. All instructions followed. Same result. “Mouse up __%” not recognized as a command.