Moving MyCommands from one system to another

Okay, this is a real “Level 1” question but… I know how to transfer my user file from one system to another in DNS Pro 11 under Win 7 but how do I also transfer my custom commands (that show up in the “MyCommands” tab of the Dragon Sidebar) from one system to another? I thought all of my custom commands would be transfered along with my user file but they obviously need to be copied separately. Where is the MyCommands folder/file that would have custom commands located under Win 7? I understand that in the DNS Command Browser, under Manage, there is an Import option but I just don’t know where they are to import them.

Sorry for such a basic question here… There’s still a lot to learn, which is why I’m so thankful for forums like this and the experts who run them.

Thanks yet again!



If you use the Manage Users | Advanced button | Export to export your user profile to an external drive or USB thumb drive, then move to another system and use the same procedure only using the Import option, the exported user profile contains everything including your mycmds.dat. The mycmds.dat file contains all your custom commands. There should be no need for you to copy the mycmds.dat from one system to another. It’s Incorporated into the exported user profile, which is your entire user.

Just FYI, the mycmds.dat file is located as follows:


Well, I did use the Manage Users | Advanced button | Export to export my user profile from my laptop to a USB thumb drive, then moved to my desktop and used the same procedure only using the Import option, but the exported user profile didn’t copy the additional commands I created. When I was importing the user profile to my desktop DNS told me the profile already existed and asked if I want to overwrite the existing one. I said “yes” because the one I was importing from my laptop was the most recent. (I use my laptop a lot more than my desktop.)

After the import, when I click on the “MyCommands” tab of the Dragon Sidebar, all I saw were the old commands I created… not the new ones I thought I was importing.

Something must be weird with my setup because I eventually had to delete the user profile on the desktop and then import the user file from the USB drive. It’s working fine now… For some reason, DNS didn’t overwrite the old user file on my desktop, even tough I told it to. (The desktop and laptop user names were the same if that had anything to do with it…)

At any rate, all is well again! :slight_smile: I guess on my system, for some reason, I just have to delete the user profile before I import the new version. Thanks again for your support!

Ah… maybe I figured it out… You can’t delete a user file while it’s in use so maybe you can’t overwrite one when it’s in use either… Basically the overwrite is a delete, right? Thus, I had to delete the old before importing the new… Oh well, whatever the reason, I have the new user profile on my desktop. :slight_smile:


You are correct in that you cannot overwrite the currently active user profile. DNS prompt you to rename it because it won’t allow you to overwrite an active profile.

Basically, you can do it the way you did it, but the easiest way is to give it a new profile name, open that profile, delete the original, and then rename your imported user profile. There are some conditions under which you can rename an active profile either. However, there is one way to do this:

1. Open your new user profile, go to Manage Users, and rename your original user profile.

2. Then open your original user profile and rename your new one.

3. Open your new user profile and delete the original.

It’s all in terms of what Dragon quo Windows will allow you to do.