moving cursor problem

I wonder if someone has put a jinx on my voice recognition programs. I open Dragon and voice power by clicking on voice power. After both are open, I then open KB 2011.

However, commands are problem. For example, trying to move the cursoris impossible. If I want to move it down one line I thought all I had to say was “ down one. ” Nothing happens. I usually attempt to do this after I give the command for “new paragraph ” and the cursor only moves down one line.

any thoughts? To be honest, it is rather frustrating. I’m having tremendous problems with Dragon not recognizing commands or dictation which I’m going to place on the Knowbrainer forum for assistance.

As much as I rave about these programs, I wish they would be a little nicer to me.




>I’m having tremendous problems with Dragon not recognizing commands or

This is completely unacceptable. Anytime this happens, STOP!

First check your microphone. If I notice a lot of yellow in the Quality Check, my suspicions turn to the microphone.
Second, create a new user. If everything starts working than I know that the old user profile became corrupted. If things still don’t work, I try another microphone.
95% of the time this resolves the problem, but if it doesn’t, I then do a repair install of Dragon.

You could also try VoicePower without Brand X and Brand X without VoicePower.

BTW, we have continued to refine our new interface but bugs have crept in because of all the changes. So we have been going through VoicePower for the last week fixing bugs.
Will have a beta within a day or two and a release very soon.

I will follow your advice and let you know.

Thank you so much.



I posted a response to your question on the KnowBrainer forum but I will expand on it here.

First, VoicePower now contains an autostart utility that automatically launches VoicePower and Dragon opening up your current user automatically. KnowBrainer 2011 does the same thing. Normally, VoicePower and KnowBrainer don’t conflict with one another. However, occasionally you can get into a situation where the KnowBrainer commands error out. KnowBrainer 2011 has command for moving down ( <1-1000>). When this unhooking of the three applications occurs because KnowBrainer fails, and you can see it in the Dragon log which I would recommend you send me a copy of to, you get an RPC_Server Unavailable in a string all related to KnowBrainer.

What I would do is to first launch Dragon by itself and test the commands. Then launch VoicePower and test again. Lastly, launch KnowBrainer and test again. Let me know if and when you run into a conflict. Also be aware of the fact that Dragon has “move down” commands not the “KnowBrainer equivalent”. Remember that commands can conflict with one another depending upon where they’re coming from. However, I have KnowBrainer 2011 and I can execute the commands from all three applications.

The second thing that you should try doing is, if the above doesn’t work, involves two steps:

1. Run the Check Microphone. Sometimes the Audio Setup Wizard needs to be run. This sometimes rectifies the problem. Remember that your voice changes, as does your dictation style, over time during the course of a day. It’s always a good idea to run the Check Microphone two or three times during the course of the day and especially if you start having a problem with DNS 11.

2. If the problem occurs irregularly, shut down everything and restart Dragon and VoicePower using the VoicePower startup utility (autostart) and then load KnowBrainer and see if the problem persists. Sometimes what happens is that if KnowBrainer tries to launch Dragon again, you can run into a conflict, the only way of resolving of which is to shut down and restart all three applications.

3. When this type of problem occurs try saying “switch to normal mode” or “normal mode”, the latter of which is a KnowBrainer command.

If you still can’t resolve the problem let us know, but send me your Dragon log so that I can take a look at it.

You are the man, Chucker:

I will execute your recommendations when it happens again. I have checked my microphone and it seems okay.

Thanks so much.