Mouse Movement Script 2nd Monitor

There appears to be a script that does not work on the 2nd monitor when trying to move the mouse:


How do I disable this without disabling other scripts?

thanks Mark

Please note I have tried Configuring mouse commands for multiple monitors

You're correct. The command works on the first monitor but not the second.

There are two commands:

<![CDATA[ <0thru100b>]]>

<![CDATA[ <0thru100b> percent]]>

that are located in mouse_mon3.xml file (in C:ProgramDataVoiceTeachVoiceComputerCommandsCustom)

If you're familiar with XML, you can delete or comment out the commands.

If you're not familiar with XML, I can send you an edited mouse_mon3.xml file over the weekend.

The other option is just not to use the command on monitor two...

I'll try to fix the command sometime next week.

Brilliant I deleted the commands.