Mouse movement commands

This is in regard to the mouse movement commands, e.g., mouse <1-100> percent and mouse <1-100>.

Both sets of commands work well except for “left” and “right.” The results box shows that the left and right commands are recognized. However, the cursor does not perform the requisite action, with the following exception: mouse <1-10> works unless the value is greater than 10. For values greater than 10, and for any version of mouse X percent, what I’ve seen is as follows: the cursor does nothing, but if the desktop has focus, then a desktop icon is highlighted; if Word has focus, then the command is simply written out as text; in other things like Windows Explorer, nothing seems to happen.

I'm seeing this behavior in two different user profiles in two desktop computers. Both computers have Dragon 13, VC 13.0.5.

Any insight appreciated.


First, it isn’t a question of left or right, up or down, or even movements greater than 10. The problem that you’re having seems to be related to an inconsistency in our current execution of mouse movement commands and it may function differently on different systems. I have seen the problem and have made Ron aware of it.

Second, what I see occurring is that certain commands function properly, but afterwards some commands don’t execute at all. The effect is inconsistent. Nevertheless, we are working on it.

One thing you can try, to see if they are consistent and work with numbers greater than 10, is to use the mouse click options (i.e., "click left | right | down | up | upper left | lower left | upper right | lower right <1-100>) with or without percent (i.e., large vs. small increments).

See if these work because “mouse” and “click” are basically the same command.Chucker2014-11-22 07:39:54

In addition to the mouse movement commands mentioned in my earlier note, I’m also having trouble with certain window sizing commands. Specifically, for “Place window <upper/lower><left/right/half>,” the only variants that work for me are “Place window <left/right>.” If I issue the command “place window upper left,” either of the following two things happen: the Dragon results box shows the words being recognized, but the window remains unchanged. Or, "place window upper left"is recognized as “place window left” and the window is repositioned to the left half of the display. Similarly for the “place program” commands. All of this is using a single monitor.

VC 13.52.0.

"Place window <upper/lower><left/right/half>,

>"place window upper left"is recognized as "place window left"

We have deleted these commands from the active release because not many users are using them and the commands take resources. I thought that we had deleted these commands from the documentation.

Let me know what commands you need and I can send you a command file with the commands. It’s also possible to edit our command files to add and delete commands.

You now have 13.52 and you’re still having problems with the mouse commands? I can’t duplicate this. Chuck, are they working for you?

Ron, yes, I was going by the current documentation for the Windows resizing commands. As for sending me a command file, thank you for the offer, I can simply use alternative methods now that I know the VC commands are not available.

As for the mouse commands, actually at this point — on one of my two desktop computers — only the small movement and large movement mouse commands do not work for me. If I say “mouse left 20,” or “mouse left 10%,” Dragon recognizes the words, but the command is not issued. On the second computer, the problem remains as originally described.

Fred F2015-01-29 08:24:39