Mouse commands: HeardWord "left","zero","at","fifty"

Mouse commands can be spoken like this “left zero at fifty”.

This format works perfectly.

I want to create a command like this:

HeardWord “left”,“zero”,“at”,“fifty”
Wait 200
ButtonClick 4,1

The HeardWord fails.

Any recommendations, please?

I thought about this overnight. I’m pretty sure that the screen grid positions will not work within a HeardWord.

However, I have a command that works out the position 0 at 50: SetMousePosition 0,0,1089

This appears to resolve matters without deploying a HeardWord within a script.

The problem with your HeardWord “left”,“zero”,“at”,“fifty” command is that each element of this command is a list command.
You can make heardword commands for individual voice commands like “copy formatting” but you can’t make heardword commands for commands that are part of a list.
To those who don’t understand this poor explanation:
In the Click <1to50> command, 1to50 is a list from one to fifty.
so you can’t make a heard word command like “Click five” because five is part of a list. If we had a “Click five” command, you could make a heardword “click”, “five” command.

Thank you, Ron, for taking a little time out to explain the problem with my approach. Anyway, I got there in the end.