Modification to Show My Documents

I have one problem with this command and that is that it only opens ‘C:UsersVivDocuments’ but I have my Documents folder on my D: drive, which is a separate hard drive with the path D:VivDocs instead of the default one.

Would it be possible to modify the command so that it would open the directory which I use.


Would it be possible to modify the command so that it would open
the directory which I use.

Yes. Modify the My documents tag in the tags.xml file.

The tags.xml file is located in your DocumentsVoiceComputerTags directory.

Open the tags.xml file and go to:

change the directory source to the directory you want. For example:

Alternatively you can make a favorite for the directory that you want.

Thanks Ron,



Of course Ron’s suggestion is appropriate if that’s always where you wish to go.

On the other hand, if and when you need to go elsewhere for documents, you can always say “show my computer”, which will show all your drives related files, through which you can Drilldown using list commands.

Thanks Chuck,

I think that I will be using your suggestion, as well as making the modification which Ron suggested.

One more question, when I say ‘show my documents (or my computer)’ there is a button at the bottom right but I can only see the left half of it, (only the part which says ‘List A to’. Is it possible to get the whole of the button displayed?



Yes, the screen is opening narrowed. Just put the mouse pointer on the right border of the “show my documents” list and drag it to the right. The button that you’re referring to is the drop-down list for sorting your lists (e.g., list A-Z, List Z-A, List newest first, and List oldest first). We start the list dialog screens narrow, but they are completely resizable.

One of the things that I do is to find the mouse position for the right border using the VoiceComputer Screen Grid and then issuing grid coordinate commands (e.g., mouse 10 at 50) and then use the Voice Mouse commands to drag the mouse pointer to the right (i.e., mouse 10 at 50, drag right 25). Once you know where the border is, it’s a, pardon the pun, KnowBrainer.Chucker2013-06-18 15:55:16


Thanks, but is there any way I can get it to open with the whole of the button showing, rather than dragging the right border?



How wide or narrow the list displays open is somewhat dependent upon your monitor and your resolution.

At present, we don’t have a means of opening it wider by default. However, there is one other thing that you can do that would make it simpler. If you want the list dialogs opened wider, making sure that focuses on that dialog, simply say “make window wider”. That way you can do the whole 9 yards hands-free strictly by voice command.

I will discuss your concerns with Ron. It shouldn’t be very difficult to increase the default size dialog so that the entire button is displayed including the down arrow.

One other important point to keep in mind is that it is not necessary to drop the list associated with that but in order to execute the commands that are listed. VoiceComputer is totally voice accessible. Therefore, if you remember that the commands are “list A-Z”, “list Z-A”, “list newest first”, and “list oldest first”, you can simply say them without dropping the list. One of the things that we try to do with VoiceComputer is to get people used to the idea of speaking everything from dictation to commands. So, we make VoiceComputer totally voice accessible in terms of all our commands and options.

Keep in mind, were talking about speech recognition and hands-free. Making dialogs a little wider by default is relatively easy to do, but in the long run it doesn’t really serve any purpose because dropping a list like that is unnecessary since all of the options in this sort list button can be accessed completely by voice without ever looking at what’s in there. While I appreciate your concerns, why do what is unnecessary or which requires multiple commands to do what you can do in a single command?Chucker2013-06-19 05:26:22