Microsoft Office 2013 and VoiceComputer

Tip of the day:

If you’re using DNS 12.5 and have switched to Microsoft Office 2013 and find that the "change to " in Microsoft Outlook 2013 results in a double ping (sound) and doesn’t change to the folder, go to “configure VoiceComputer” from the VoiceComputer icon in the systray select #4 and then click open, or say “configure VoiceComputer” | “four open”. If the settings for Microsoft Office applications are not set to 2010, do so and then click or say “OK”.

Because you are using Microsoft Office 2013, there are some conditions in which VoiceComputer may inadvertently identify your version of Microsoft Office as 2007 instead of 2010. We have not yet configured VoiceComputer to recognize Microsoft Office 2013 or added the commands for Microsoft Office 2013 that differ from Microsoft Office 2010. However, the latest version of VoiceComputer does support Microsoft Office 2013 because most of the commands are the same as those for Microsoft Office 2010. That is, there is not that much that is different between the two. However, keep in mind that only DNS 12.5 supports Microsoft Office 2013. If you have not yet upgraded your version of DNS 12.0 to 12.5, be aware of the fact that 12.0 and 11.0-11.5 do not support Microsoft Office 2013. Make sure that your settings are for Microsoft Office 2010 and you should have no difficulties with regard to VoiceComputer as long as you’re using DNS 12.5. Note also that even if VoiceComputer misrecognizes your version of Office, the "send to " will work, but the "change to " will not until you change the settings to Microsoft Office 2010 in VoiceComputer.