Microsoft App-V

Hi. Any ideas if Intags will work on a Microsoft App-V platform? I’m working with an organisation that has moved to that platform but Dragon isn’t supported.

<p =“Msonormal”> <o:p></o:p><p =“Msonormal”>With Dragon installed locally it can’t see applications running in the App-V ‘bubble’ with the result that the user doesn’t have access to application-specific commands. Applications in the ‘bubble’ are not even listed in the Command Browser Context drop-down list.<p =“Msonormal”>The client’s IT services are investigating workarounds.<p =“Msonormal”>I understand that you’ve cracked Citrix but don’t recall any discussion about App-V.<p =“Msonormal”>Thanks,<p =“Msonormal”>Roger

The My Intags (Overlay) feature is the easiest choice. You can customize the Overlays to give users control of an underlying application. But, this wouldn’t work very well if users are using multiple ‘invisible’ applications.

The second option is for us to customize our Intags to work App-V. I’ll check with Evan, our lead programmer, to see if he’s already done this. If he hasn’t, it would probably take him a week or two of programming. But, the result would be easy and complete ‘built-in’ control that could be used by anyone in the organization.