Microphone muting itself

I have check the net and see that this occurs in Windows. I have 7 pro 64 bit. None of the fixes work for me. No luck on the Knowbraine forum as well.

Maybe some ideas from herre.




If you’re using the VC Microphone, shut it down because it’s probably turning off the Dragon microphone.

Before you use the VC Microphone, you’ll probably have to spend an hour reading the documentation, testing it out and asking questions on the forum.

We need to put together some demos to make it easier for users to understand how the microphone works.

Thanks for getting back to me, Ron.

I had it off.


This is unusual. Email me the Dragon log file.

My local computer gurus finally concluded it was a hardware problem that they couldn’t figure out. I have contacted the laptop’s manufacturer, Cyberpower, to see if it would look into it. It is out of warranty. However because of the uniqueness of the problem I hope they don’t charge me an arm and a leg to figure it out.

Because I needed to get up and running with voice recognition I purchased a PC. No problems at all with muting with it.

I will let you know what Cyberpower has to say. Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it.

Happy holidays,



I remember that you had this problem once before, but somehow got it worked out. However, it probably never was properly resolved and has just come back to bite you again.

Remember that I went with you through everything on TeamViewer and we couldn't find the problem. I'm not surprised that it's a hardware issue because software issues are generally easier to resolve and don't constantly put up roadblocks to resolving such. There are some, but they are generally few and far between.

At any rate, happy holidays to you, be safe, and the best to your family during this holiday season.

I look forward to what Cyberpower might diagnose the problem as being.

Thanks, Chucker,

I will let you know what Cyberpowerhas to say. Luckily, it is still under warranty.

A politically incorrect Merry Christmas to you and yours.