Memory question

I am using Windows 7 64 bit with an i3 CPU 530 2.93 GHz and 16 MHz of RAM. Because my setup is 3 1/2 years old, I presume I can buy memory for less than what I can buy three friends and myself a Venti latte at Starbucks.

My question is would it make sense with regard to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.5?

I have been recently getting some warnings that I am using too many resources and need to shut down programs. Of course, Windows tells me to shut down VoiceComputer. Say what? Sometimes when I have to shut down through the taskmaster processes I note that VoiceComputer is actually using over 2 million bits of information. Is that correct? It actually uses more whatever then Dragon?

I suspect Chucker will give me a detailed an understandable explanation as always. No offense to anyone else but if I was stranded on an island without the use of a computer and had one person to be with me of course it would be Rosamund Pike. If there was a computer, I would pick Chucker. Call me insane if you want.

Enjoy your weekend. And thanks so much.



I also have 16 Gb of memory, but with an 8 core AMD processor. In my case when I look at the performance tab in Windows Task Manager I rarely see the line in the memory graph going above 8Gb, even with over half a dozen programs running simultaneously and 75% CPU usage on each core simultaneously. ( The CPU usage is high because I run the BOINC program in the background using most of the CPU capacity, except while we are having a heatwave in the UK at the moment.)


Thanks for getting back to me, Viv,

I did not think about checking task manager’s performance tab. I will start doing so and see what I find out. That may well answer my question.

Much appreciated. And I wish we had London’s weather in Cincinnati. My wife thinks I need committed because I love the rain.


I hope that solves your question.

I am with you, we have been in temperatures above 25C for quite a few days now, with at least another week of the same, and this is quite unusual for Gloucestershire where I live, and also for the rest of the UK. My water butts will soon be empty so I will have to use tap water for the garden, (not the lawn which always recovers without any help), which is a pain.

Last summer we had too much rain and not enough warmth. But at least we can indulge in our national sport of complaining about the weather, whatever it does.



I assume based on your post that you meant 16 GB vs. 16 MHz of RAM. If that’s correct, then the problem is not RAM. You do not need any more, nor is the problem with RAM per se.

I would need to know exactly verbatim what the error message that you’re getting is. Sometimes, no matter how much RAM you have strong, you can get the infamous attempting to recover from low system resources error/message. This is caused by memory leaks vs. being low on RAM. Memory leaks simply means that Windows is not releasing memory properly.

Also, you say that VoiceComputer is using over 2 million bits. That’s actually very low and I suspect that your really referring to 2 MB. Actually, VoiceComputer users approximately 120 to 131 MB, while Dragon uses anywhere from 650 MB to 1500 MB depending upon the speech model and vocabulary. For example, if you’re using BestMatch IV General-Large, Dragon will not use more than about 700 MB. However, if you’re using BestMatch V General-Large, you can get as much as 1600 MB of RAM being used, and sometimes more.

At any rate, have you tried shutting everything down and rebooting Windows? Also, how long were you using Dragon and VoiceComputer before you got whatever error message you’re referring to?

Lastly, I looked at your post on the KnowBrainer forum and saw that you are having a problem attaching your Dragon log Re: canceling recognition. The problem that you were discussing their smacks of BestMatch V, which will prevent you from canceling your recognition as long as there’s anything in the speech buffer that hasn’t been executed.

Send me a copy of your Dragon log both relative to the KnowBrainer post and this one.Chucker2013-07-14 11:30:22