March 11.7.1 versus April 11 .7 .1: any difference

Is there any difference between the two? I went ahead and uninstall my March installation and replace it with the one Ron sent out April 5. I just wonder if I wasted my time.

Knowing Ron, there probably is a difference. The man never sleeps in his search for perfection or its products.

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<p>Yes, there is a difference in some areas even though we did not change the version number. So, you didn't waste your time<font face="Arial">. Between the first release that you got and this release, Ron fixed number bugs and adjusted number features for better performance. The one that you got originally was basically a test version. This is the release version. For example, we went through and fixed all of the Word 2010 commands so that were now sure they're all working properly. We did this because there is a distinct difference in terms of how some of these commands function in 2007 vs. 2010. We had to make those adjustments and test them.</font></p><font face="Arial">

</font><p>Regardless, no harm done and you will benefit from our due diligence<font face="Arial">.</font></p><font face="Arial"></font>

as always, Chucker, I appreciate the response.

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Why is it that the first word in the reply is never capitalized but the first word is a new paragraph is?


<p>The first word in a reply is never capitalize because that happens to be the nature of the web host text edit controls<font face="Arial">. The same occurs in KnowBrainer and Speechcomputing. Why, God only knows!!!<img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" height="17" width="17" border="0" alt="Confused" title="Confused" /></font></p><font face="Arial"></font>
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but at least you had an answer!!