Main menu question

For some reason, when I say, “show main menu” nothing happens. I know everything is installed correctly, because I can say, “configure voice computer” and I’m able to do that. Did the command for main menu change?

Also, I have a couple of other questions.

1 – when I run into situations where I am looking at more than one rectangle of text on Google Chrome, what command do I use to change the focus to the other rectangle that’s on the left side of my screen? I know how to change the focus when there’s a whole new area on the right but not the intra rectangle focus.

2 – what is the command to enable in tags on the area at the top of a screen (the horizontal area where the homepage is) when using Google Chrome? For example, I see all the add-on icons and most frequently visited sites on that strip. I understand how to enable intags on the taskbar, but what is the area called or the command for the top part?

“show main menu” nothing happens.

Did you disable “VoiceComputer’s Help and Training” in “Configure VoiceComputer” > “Enable | Disable VoiceComputer Commands”

1. Next Pane, Previous Pane. (or Function 6, Function 18)
2. Intag Menu. And then Menu <1-300> to continue to number the top level menus


I was able to fix the main menu problem by doing a repair on voice computer. Thank you for the advice on, "next pane etc. That works well.

What doesn’t work is trying to get the intags menu to appear at the top of the screen on Google Chrome. If I say intagit, the intags appear everywhere except for that top area near where the homepage is. The command, “intagtask bar” works great for the bottom taskbar. I’m wondering if there is some command or name that allows me to intag the area at the top of the chrome screen. (How do we call that area?)


The numbers you see in the chrome browser are the chrome intags (Chrome extension) which cannot appear simultaneously with the regular intags.
The chrome intags is the best mouseless browsing extension available.



Thanks. However, how do I get any Intags (chrome or VC) to the top area of the screen where the home button area is? Up there I have various icons including addons, favorites etc.

Okay, with your help and Ron’s, I figured it out. I have been issuing the command, “intagit” and I guess that did not work for populating the top part of the menu in Google Chrome. Ron suggestion of, “intagmenu” does work. Thank you for your patience and suggestions.