Main Menu opening even when off

Hi there,

So, I’ve been having this weird issue for a while, but I’m just now getting around to asking about it.

For some reason, every time I start VP, it opens up the Main Menu window. Sometimes you can see it open then close, but usually it just opens up. What’s really annoying about that is that it also insists on resizing other windows, as opposed to just opening over top of whatever is there… See image below.

I know I’ve turned off the auto-open feature, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

Oh, for the record:
Windows XP Sp3
DNS v11.50.100.092 SP1
VP v11.7.1.1


===[ Greg ]===

Greg,</p><p>Are you familiar with the ageless doctor-patient joke</p><p>Patient: Doctor, It hurts when I do this.</p><p>Doctor: Then don't do that.</p><p>First, VoicePower is designed specifically to align application windows with its own help screens so that the VoicePower help screens do not overlap the active window, even though at times you can force it to do that.</p><p>In other words, what good would it to if you can't get to your document screen, or portion thereof, if the VoicePower help screens were overlapping it?</p><p>Second, you should open VoicePower first by double-clicking on the VoicePower icon on the desktop. This automatically launches Dragon and loads your most recent user profile. You should never launch Dragon and then load VoicePower afterwards. Otherwise you'll get the effect that you see. Further, you should always launch VoicePower and Dragon before you load any other applications using the above method. Otherwise, you can run into this type of problem. If you choose to launch Dragon first because, for example, you don't want to run VoicePower immediately, then you should say "show desktop" and/or minimized all your windows to the taskbar before you do it. As long as there are open and active applications on the desktop, VoicePower will resize/realign all active open application windows if you launch it while such windows are open and active (displayed on the desktop), then you're shooting yourself in the foot. Again and in short, you can't have your cake and eat it too. You have to work with VoicePower and not against it. If you minimize all open and active application windows. And make sure that your cursor is not anywhere near the taskbar, then the VoicePower Main Menu will open and close without interacting or interfering with any of your open and active applications.</p><p>Third, even if you have the option not to load the Main Menu on startup, it will still display and then close.</p><p>Depending upon the type of CPU that you're using and the amount of RAM on your system, this can be very fast under Windows 7 64-bit and somewhat slower under Windows XP SP3. It will be significantly faster under a Coreâ„¢ i7 Sandy Bridge processor (2600K or better) and significantly slower on a Core2â„¢ Duo or below. Depending upon your hardware configuration and your version of Windows, you essentially cannot have your cake and eat it too here either, unfortunately.</p><p>Lastly, in your screen capture it's painfully obvious that Microsoft Excel was the active application window when you launched VoicePower.</p><p>After VoicePower is launched and the Main Menu is closed because of the setting to hide it on application start, if you open the Main Menu by saying "show Main Menu", then the VoicePower Main Menu will open over top of any current application window (i.e., that is overlap such). If you then want to align the windows side-by-side, you simply say "resize window".</p>

Wow, big reply for a little issue.

OK, Let’s see…

Point 1: Granted, I understand that it’s a “feature” for VP to sit astride a window so you can work and see the help at the same time. For me, though, I’d rather have the option to allow it to NOT always be on top when it’s open. I can always switch between windows if I need to see it. Consequently, I ended up making my own “cheat sheet” in WordPad, which sits in the background until I need to remember a command… I switch to it, see what I’m looking for, and switch back.

Point 2: I always and only start using the VP app, letting it start DNS for me. True, in the sample screenshot, I had forgotten to open VP/DNS and so windows were open (busted!). If it only behaves in the one way, then yes, I’ll need to use it the way it wants and make sure to minimize all the windows. Just saying, it would be nice to have the option to not “open, rearrange everything, and stay on top of all windows”.

Point 3: If one has selected the option to NOT open the Main Menu, then why would the app open it anyway, only to close it again. That’s not a feature… it serves no user purpose, so I’d call it a bug/glitch. Granted, not a major one, just a minor annoyance.

However, none of this addressed the problem, which is, I have the Main Menu set to NOT open, but sometimes after it opens, it DOESN’T close). I’d call that a bug , but again, nothing critical. Just a user inconvenience. I’ll have to track it more closely to see if there’s a pattern to it (it’s not very helpful otherwise, I know).

Now, having said all that, I want you to know that I really like VP and the functionality it provides. It’s pretty slick, and I really appreciate having it when my elbow and wrists make working on my PC’s mouse & keyboard painful.

Oh, and just for fun, I’m including a picture of a patent-pending VP add-on I created to go on my monitor. It works very well. I just need funding to mass produce and market it.
:smiley: (just kidding!!)

So, doctor, it’d be nice if you cured these minor ailments, but barring that… I won’t do that anymore! :wink:

(IT Development/Test Mgr)

We'll change how we handle the main menu in our next major release in a few months.

>I understand that it's a "feature" for VP to sit astride a window so you can work and see the help at
> the same time. For me, though, I'd rather have the option to allow it to NOT always be on top when it's open

You can position the help windows wherever you want them and use VoicePower's 'Display ' feature to open other help windows without resizing the help window or your application. The new release has improved this feature...

There is a Custom.xml file that you can configure so that VoicePower help screens will NOT be displayed on top. (DocumentsVoicePowerCommandsHelpDragon)
RonK2012-06-15 15:39:41

We fixed this in our newest release.

So, when you configure VP so that the Main Menu will not open, it won’t open, even for a split second, and nothing will be resized.
The 11.81 upgrade is now available for download. Just follow the last VoicePower download link that you’ve received from us.


I fixed this in the new release. 11.81.
When you configure VoicePower so that the Main Menu will not open, it will no longer open, even briefly.
You can download the release by following the link you received with your original order.
(This release has quite a few improvements but we probably won’t announce it for a week.)