lost VC info after computer froze

My desktop computer froze yesterday with several programs running, including VC. I recovered data from the others, but VC now gives me the error msg re ‘user profile created in old version’ and that i have to go through everything again - from the beginning, eg where to store upgraded user profiles, etc - before i can use it. + the VC guide from the start, too.

Does that mean all my changes are forever lost? any hope of recovering them?
What should I do?



First, you have to separate VoiceComputer from Dragon. The message that you were getting has nothing to do with VoiceComputer. Whatever happened either corrupted your user profile or damaged Dragon. The message that your user profile was created in an older version of Dragon is a Dragon error.

Second, your VoiceComputer files should be intact because unless you are configuring VoiceComputer or making changes when the system hung, VoiceComputer does not write to any of its files.