Lost my numbers function

I downloaded the latest version ofVoicePower. I’m now working on a laptop as opposed to my desktop. One of my software programs is a billing program called Timeslips.Jim

With either show overlay or display overlay I get nothing when I clicked where I want a number to appear.

I configured the commands.

Any ideas? I love this function.

Thanks so much,



The newest versions let you click and dictate through the overlay letting the overlay stay open as you work through a program.

Therefore, clicking no longer creates a clickable point.

There are two ways to create clickable points:

Move the mouse to the desired location and say: Function 13 (or PF 13).
To delete, put the mouse over the point and say: Function 14

Use a mouse command: Insert 45 at 32 (mouse commands have to be enabled!)
To delete, Delete 45 at 32

Thanks so much, Ron,

I am back in the numbers game!

All the best,