Lost full text control

Since I upgraded to Dragon 13, I have lost fulltext control in many text boxes that I used to have. For example, on this forum box, I am able to dictate, but when I say, “select all” And then say, “read that”, I get the message that there is no dictation here, and as a result I can’t activate the important read that. Is full text control totally a function of the web developer, or are the things I can do in terms of settings to change that?

I am using Windows 7 professional and DNS 13 along with the previous version of voice computer. I will upgrade voice computer within the next few days. This is an important one for me to solve because I used text boxes often for a teaching assignment.

As a postscript, I noticed that even though I’m able to dictate in this forum right now, the Dragon message is that there is no dictation here and I should use the dictation box.

Are you sure that you have installed the web extensions correctly. There are web extensions that are ARIA compatible for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome, which support Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) in all three browsers, but not necessarily in all websites. For example, in Mozilla Firefox search box, you do not have Full Text Control (Select-and-Say). However, in VoiceComputer under Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome, you should have Full Text Control (Select-and-Say). If you do not have Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) in any of these browsers, then the web extension for DNS 13 has either not been installed and/or has not been installed properly. The web extension for all three browsers Re: DNS 13 is required for Full Text Control (Select-and-Say). Also, if, for any reason, you have the previous Dragon web extension also installed and which has not been removed (version 1.0 with DNS 13 being 2.0 and the extension beginning with 13 Re: the version number), then remove the older extension and make sure that the new one is installed and activated. In some cases, the web extension may be installed but not activated, but this is largely dependent upon the particular browser that you are using.



I think I have all of them.

Chrome – 4 – I checked off allow access to URL
Internet Explorer – 13.0 no mention of numbers or anything else
Firefox – 13.0 0.200 no mention of numbers etc.

In this very text box I am able to dictate plaintext, but the green DNS message says, “unknown text consider using show dictation box”


Dragon NaturallySpeaking plug-in for Firefox (Always Activate)
Dragon Web Extension for Firefox
Dragon Web Extension for Google Chrome
Dragon NaturallySpeaking HTML Component
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Web Extension for Internet Explorer

These are the plug-ins or add-ins and version numbers for DNS 13 for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.

As I said, not everything supports Full Text Control (Select-and-Say), even in Internet Explorer. Some webpages have limited Full Text Control (Select-and-Say). For example, Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) in Firefox for this web site (VoiceComputer) has limited Full Text Control (Select-and-Say). Nevertheless, it does at least allow you to dictate and correct, even though there are problems with selecting and correcting (i.e., selecting text on the visible page or saying correct ). On the other hand, you have complete Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) in the VoiceComputer forum under IE 11 in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

DNS 13 is still too new, so the reasons why certain things work the way they do in particular browsers is still unclear. Nonetheless, I don’t get any particular error message such as what you’re getting.

Note in the screen capture below the green circle in the New DragonBar indicates that there is Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) enabled in Firefox 32.0.1. Here I’m using DNS 13 Professional, but I get the same with DNS 13 Premium.

Chucker2014-09-14 14:27:18

Thank you for your advice. I think I have all of the above add-ins. In addition, I upgraded from Internet Explorer 10 to Internet Explorer 11.I think what you point about not all websites allowing full text control is what is germane here. That explains why I get full capabilities on some website text boxes and not on others. The only open issue here is that I am using Internet Explorer 11 to dictate this message. Dictation works great, but if I try for a, “read that”, it won’t do it. It’s not a big deal as I can just use the dictation box for review and editing. As a reminder, I am using Internet Explorer 11 with Windows 7. I was optimistically hoping that there was some setting that I could enable.


You can always read back (read that) any text that you have dictated. However if you are selecting text in a text box that you have not dictated yourself, then “read that” won’t work. However, as you point out, if you select text that you have not dictated and copy it into the dictation box, or notepad, or DragonPad, etc., then you can use the “read that” function. You know when you can’t use the “read that” function/command you get the error message in the DragonBar that says you “Can’t read here”.

This is the way Dragon has worked for at least the past two versions (DNS 11, 12, and 13 (current version).

That said, what is it that you are trying to read back (Read that)? Keep in mind that “read that” doesn’t work everywhere under every condition. Besides, the “Read that” capability is unrelated to Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) anyway. I anticipate that one of the things are going to say is that “it worked for me before”, but it really didn’t. You just happen to hit the right set of conditions.Chucker2014-09-15 10:41:20


Attached is a screen shot which shows the extension for Dragon is enabled but you will not that the green icon on the Dragon bar is not illuminated.

Thoughts. I did did configure VC for Dragon 12.




My issue is not reading back text that I copied and pasted from another source. My issue is that the text boxes that are dictated into seem to be inconsistent. Sometimes I can’t dictate at all. Sometimes, I can dictate but I can’t use the read that. For example, the dictation is going perfectly right now in this text box. But there is some setting or something that makes it inconsistent. I was just wondering if there is a setting on Google Chrome that enables Dragon to dictate into a text box. It just seems to me that version 13 is shakier in that area than the previous versions. But that may be my imagination as well. Do you know how I could check in Firefox whether the Dragon add-on is there or not? I know in Google Chrome it is there.


First thing you have to remember is that Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) only works in HTML Windows. Therefore, you have to have the checkboxes checked (i.e., which is the default) in the Dragon Options dialog | Commands tab | Enable HTML support, Enable commands in HTML Windows, and you should have the one for Require “Click” to select hyperlinks in HTML Windows in order to avoid inadvertently selecting links. If you have disabled those options, you won’t have Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) anywhere. On the other hand, if any webpage does not support HTML or HTML 5, you are unfortunately SOL. Nuance’s done a lot with DNS 13 but they cannot control that. Perhaps someday in a future version that may change. But the way webpages are written is critical to whether or not they will function properly with Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) being enabled.

That being said, it depends upon whether or not the text box that you are dictating into is HTML/HTML 5. If not, and there are some webpages that do not support HTML/HTML 5, then there’s nothing that Dragon can do about that. It’s not that DNS 13 is shakier. It’s that Firefox and Google Chrome are and always have been shaky even with the current support under DNS 13.Chucker2014-09-25 07:13:09

Good morning Chucker:

Apparently my previous reply did not go through. I followed your instructions about making the changes to dragon's commands. I exited both Dragon and VoiceComputer.

Still no green icon when attempting to use the message box.

I always launch voice recognition first because I like the ability to do so with the VoiceComputer microphone.

I also note that when I give the command to shut down speech I get a menu box saying Dragon can't be exited with the new fancy DragonBar. Nonetheless it does. I check in the task manager to make certain Dragon has been closed.

Looking forward to your input.

As always, much appreciated,



You attached a screen capture above. Remember, Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) is only enabled in HTML pages (HTML/HTML 5). In the screen capture you are in the Extensions tab. In Google Chrome the Extensions tab is not Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) capable. The same applies to the address bar and the Google search for because these are not HTML Windows. However, the VoiceComputer forum window (MessageBox) should be Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) enabled, as well as the KnowBrainer forum and similar webpages. Remember, if you can’t dictate into a webpage anywhere, you’re not going to have Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) displaying the green icon.

I still have to use dictation box to dictate into the message box. I'm attaching a screenshot of the "commands" tab of the option menu. What am I doing wrong?



Thank you for the great information. It is very helpful on this important subject. To test my understanding, you're saying:
1 – make sure all of the Dragon settings are okay as you pointed out
2 – make sure the proper extensions are in the browser and enabled

If all that is done, then whether you can dictate or not dictate is totally a function of how the site is written for that particular text box. You also pointed out that Firefox and chrome may not be as stable within this context as Internet Explorer.

Do you recommend that we default to Internet Explorer when you need to constantly dictate into text boxes? One last question, is there any native setting within these browsers that would enable HTML or HTML 5 when we are having no luck with these types of dictations?

Good morning, Chucker:

I seem to have acquired fulltext control. How? I don’t know. I thought I would attach the commands from tools. I don’t think this squares up with what I was supposed to include.

However, I do not have the ability To select words to correct them. Isn’t full text control supposed to allow me to do that?

Enjoy your weekend.

All the best,


Trionalaw2014-10-03 08:13:44

Here is the screenshot.



Two things:

  1. In your screen shot you show “Enable HTML support” unselected. You’re shooting yourself in the foot. All of those features under that checkbox, as well as HTML support, are disabled. If you do that, there’s no HTML support and consequently no Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) in HTML Windows.

  2. Not all text Windows are created equal as far as Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) is concerned. Also, accessibility is sometimes interfered with by other applications and add-ons. For example, and I haven’t figure this out for myself, Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) is fully enabled in all of the KnowBrainer message reply Windows (i.e., Reply and Quick Reply) in IE 11. However, I have a conflict somewhere that prevents me from accessing the “Save” and “Cancel” buttons in the full Reply window in the KnowBrainer forum. In Google Chrome, the Full Reply window will allow corrections if you manually select them, but it doesn’t allow select and correct. This could also be a conflict somewhere along the line with an add-in or a plug-in, but my point is that not all webpages and text Windows are created equal, and you can end up with conflicts that are difficult to pin down.

The same problem manifested itself in Google Chrome when accessing this forum regardless of the Reply window that you choose. You can say “correct that” to correct the last utterance, you can select text by mouse and say “correct that”, but not all the Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) capabilities are available.

My guess is that this is among the things that Nuance will have to address whenever they get around to it.

Hello again, Chucker:

I made the following changes. I shut down voice computer and Dragon and reopened it. Now I no longer have full text control.

Strange days indeed.

Enjoy your weekend.





What browser? What is the Web Extension version number? Are the Web Extension(s) in whatever browser you’re using enabled?

Are you having problems with Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) anywhere else? If so, where?

Thanks for getting back to me, Chucker:

It is Google Chrome. The Dragon extension is enabled. I looked up how to find the web extension version and decided it was over my pay grade.

Does this help?

Much appreciated,



Click the icon with 3 bars at the very right, underneath the close button, then click the Settings menu option, then click the Extensions option on the left of the screen. I am using Dragon Web Extension, and Numbers Engine 0.0.55, which I guess are the latest versions.


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