Looking for training in Dragon/voice computer

Hi, was wondering anyone has recommendations for training in Dragon/boys computer. Voice computer. I developed pretty bad problems with my hands last year, thankfully found voice computer, but I’m still trying to figure out how to maximize my ability to use it – I have a hard time using Dragon with the Internet the site can’t correct yelling and such, typing passwords, and I have not figure out how to use voice computer’s mouse hands-free, the only thing I can really use voice computer for is the numbers clickiing. If anyone knows of a service or would be willing to Skype with me/call and try to help me understand how to use the voice computer mouse hands-free I really appreciate it. Thank you for being part of this community and for your time reading

I haveRead the voice computer mouse tutorials/watch the videos but still can’t figure out how to navigate completely hands-free. Is there anyone here who does?

We provide training for Dragon/VoiceComputer.

Dragon has a steep learning curve so 25 years ago we started as a Dragon training company.
We developed VoiceComputer to reduce training, make Dragon more productive and easier-to-use.
But, many people still need training.
(Quite a few training companies use VoiceComputer for their users.)
For more about our training, please email us.