List Programs command

When I say “list programs” the currently open programs come up and I can successfully select among the open programs.

The blue outlined command box with the number of the selection I just made remains at the top of the selected program. I can right click on the blue outlined command box and select “close” and it removes the number but is there some way to select among programs and just have the blue outlined command box not show up in the first place?




Are you referring to VoicePower or are you referring to Dragon NaturallySpeaking. VoicePower does not duplicate Dragon commands. In VoicePower is either “display open Windows” or “show open Windows”. “list open Windows” is a Dragon command in DNS 11.

If you’re referring to the VoicePower blue GUI listing of open Windows, that light blue box in the upper left-hand corner of the list display is the search box, not a command box. You can dictate entire words into it or you can spell into it without having to switch back and forth between normal mode and spell mode. You can also say the text to the right of the checkbox [Say What You Seeâ„¢ (Tracking)] and it will only refresh and display those items in the list that start with either the word that you dictate or the characters that you spell. As you spell character by character it will refine the displayed list of items accordingly.

If that’s what you’re referring to, no there is no way to shut that off. However, if you don’t issue a list command properly, it will show up in the list box. I would suggest that you open the “show list help” dialog and review the list commands. We’re still working on fixing some minor issues in VoicePower 11.2 relative to the list commands, but the above explanation is how everything works.