like a bad rash I keep coming back!

do I have to be in a particular screen to use the “look in dictation folder” or “look in my dictation folder” ? it is not working from anywhere right now.when I deploy it from the desktop it highlights the icons and then open the start menu and puts the icon in the little search programs and files window.

When I am finished dictating a Word document most of the time voice power handles the command “save to dictation folder” for " save to my dictation folder" .

These are probably in the top five favorites and most useful aspects of voice power. I lost the command someone wrote for me from KnowBrainer that allowed me to save items to my dictation folder. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to write a command.

I know my persistence is aggravating. But then again my parents were siblings.



Trionalaw2011-11-17 09:44:47

Did you recently upgrade VoicePower? The install backs up your macros to a My DocumentsVoicePower.bk directory. So, you need to import the macro files to the new VoicePower directory.

If you did recently upgrade, I can put the import directions here. The next release, due within a day or two has a simple way to import your backed up macro files.

Thanks for getting back to me, Ron:

I did upgrade from a 32-bit to a 64-bit Windows 7 program. I also installed the last voice power release. However, I created the voice shortcut commands after doing both.

They intermittently work. However, they do not seem to work from the desktop. I get the best results when I deploy them from within Word.

Thanks and happy Thanksgiving.


But, the commands were made for Word and other programs. I never imaged anyone using them on the Desktop. What are trying to do?


when I have everything minimize, I sometimes want to open the folder I use constantly. I therefore deploy the command. From your reaction, it sounds like I should be in Word when I do so. I will start doing that.

However, if they continue to give me fits, the rash will return.

I am slowly going through things in the program. It is daunting. But of course the neatest thing I’ve come across since adult diapers.

Happy Thanksgiving,



>when I have everything minimized, I sometimes want to open the folder
You can make a bookmark (tag) of your files, folders and web pages. See: Show Voice Directories.
You can then open bookmarks with one command or view and then open them with "Show My Favorites." At some point we'll combine the bookmarks with the voice shortcut feature, Save to / Open from x folder.

As always, thank you, Ron,

I do use that procedure. I was working with it over the weekend.

Happy holidays,