License restriction to single computer

The upgrade 1.34 license agreement explains the following:

This License allows you to install and use the VoicePower Software on a single computer at a time. This License does not allow the VoicePower Software to exist on more than one computer at time.

Is this really the case? If it is not, should I go ahead and "accept the terms in the license agreement"?


This License allows you to install and use the VoicePower Software on a single computer >at a time.

This is NOT accurate. The license is a single user license. You can install on multiple machines.

I will change the license agreement that ships with the software ASAP.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


in a similar vein I have been looking at the installation guide under Copy Protection and there are references to 4 activations in one place and 5 activations in another.

Which is correct?


On first activation of VoicePower you have 5 activations. After you activate for the first time, you have 4 activations remaining. Each activation records and active machine fingerprint justice with DNS and stores that in a registry entry. When you uninstall VoicePower to install an update or a new version, this registry entry is left intact and remains valid as long as you don’t make any major hardware changes. If you make major hardware changes, such as motherboard and CPU, then this activation code becomes invalid because the stored machine fingerprint in the registry does not match the current system fingerprint. In this case, you have to delete that registry entry and rerun the activation by simply reopening VoicePower and reentering your activation code.

Unfortunately, we are still having problems with StarForce as far as running the deactivation procedure noted in the installation guide. Therefore, if you make major hardware changes that alter the machine fingerprint, you unfortunately lose and activation. We currently will provide a new serial number (activation code) to anyone using VoicePower who has a legitimate reason for requiring such an who has exceeded the total of five activations. Because of the way that VoicePower does activations, you should never need a new activation key. VoicePower does this via StarForce activations in a manner that is less obnoxious than the manner in which DNS works. For example, I have VoicePower Ultimate installed on four machines, I have one activation remaining, but I have never had to use a new activation key on any of these machines despite the fact that I uninstall and reinstall VoicePower constantly.

Regardless, you actually have 5 activations total. The confusion may stem from the fact that one of the screens in the installation guide, and I still have to review this for updates and changes, shows 4 activations remaining. This is correct because you have already used one activation at this point when the screen is displayed.