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Hello, I’m a new user and am liking what I see. I’m having a problem though. I want to help window to be narrower, about 2.5-3 inches. I used the command “Place Help Narrow Right” which temporarily accomplishes what I want. Then I open up a new application. The application is across the entire window, partially behind my help window. So I say resize window and the help window gets larger and my application is resized so that it fits on the rest of the screen. I have a wide monitor (25 inches) but I need more screen for my applications, often complex Excel spreadsheets, than I’m currently getting with the help open.

Can you suggest a way to keep the help 3 inches or less? I have played around with the screen type (?). I have the type that starts with “X.” And that’s the recommended setting according to Voice Computer.

Thank You

First say “Configure VoiceComputer” and change VC’s configuration to WXGA. This will make the file type narrower, but probably not as narrow as you wish.

There are two other settings that I can work with you on.
One option is customize VC screens to any fraction of the screen width you wish. Sounds to me that you’d want the VC screens to be one tenth of the screen width.
The second option is customize the 'Display command so that it opens to the screen width you wish. The 'Display" command has an additional feature. It doesn’t resize your working application window when you open a VC help screen.
Let me know which option you wish to customize and I’ll help you with the steps.
I just sent you a command file that adds the following commands:
Resize to one half
a half
one third
a third
one tenth
a tenth
This command will let you resize the VC window next to your application at whatever width you want. If you position the VC screen so that it is quite narrow, you may also need to make VC text size smaller so it’ll fit in your narrow window. To see how to do this say, ‘Show VoiceComputer Instructions.’
These commands will also be in our newest release, later today.
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RonK2012-12-22 10:44:18