keeping both versions of VoicePower and Dragon 11.

I have been reading about Dragon Version 12. Some are complaining it is not as good as version 11.5. I have two hard drives. Plus, I may have space on my C Dr. for both.

I was wondering if I should save both 11.5 with VoicePower and Dragon version 12 professional which I should get shipped next week with the new VoicePower product. I know it is better to save to the C Dr. If I did not have room for both, can I save the earlier version on my D Dr.?

Thanks for the expected advice.


You don’t need to save any copies of VoiceComputer (VoicePower). Just request a download to our newest release and it will be fully compatible with DNS 10, 11 & 12.

Thanks, Ron,

I should get my version 12 professional sometime after the 14th.

Enjoy your weekend,