keep losing custom command position file

since updated to 2020 I have had restore my C:ProgramDataVoiceTeachVoiceComputerCommandsCustompositioncmds.xml file at least three times. It keeps reverting to a default file.


Whenever you make a configuration change. (Enable/Disable Mouse commands, etc.), VoiceComputer overwrites all xml command files with the command files in the 'master' directory when the program starts or restarts.
(It does this to ensure that there are no duplicate command files. (Duplicate files would cause the program to crash.)
In fact, VC will refresh command files if you just open the VC configuration; don't make any changes; but, select 'OK' instead of 'Cancel' when you close the configuration screen.

The solution is to copy your custom file(s) OVER the existing file(s) in the default ('master') directory of command files (C:Program Files (x86)VoiceTeachVoiceComputerhelpVC_FilesCustom_files) with each new release of VoiceComputer.

okay, thanks, I’m sure I’ve read that elsewhere before, but forgot it.