Junk Intags

the picture is self-explanatory. Same problem in Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. What gives??

We try to Intag all controls. Some pages have a lot of hidden controls. USPS for example has a page with a few dozen controls on the page but are not used and thus hidden from the user.. Without customization, if we didn't number the hidden controls, we wouldn't number any controls.

There is a balance between over identifying controls and under identifying controls It would take customization of individual pages to always Intag just the correct controls

Let me know what screen this is and I'll test it out with our Chrome extension. The extension lets the end user perform some customization.

I don’t see where there would be hidden controls in this example. I have the exact same problem with PDF’s. This is the screen that you see when you open google’s application menu in the upper right corner of your screen.

There are no duplicate Intags on this screen with our Chrome extension but there are varying numbers of duplicate numbers on this screen depending on what browser and version of Windows that you're using.

For best results, we recommend that you use our Chrome extension for most of your online work. If you don't have it, send me an email with a Gmail address so we can register you for the beta. (The extension will be released to the Google store within two weeks.)

Our Chrome extension is optimized for Intags. It is fast and easy to use. There is no double numbering (at least I've never seen it). Double numbering happens because Windows and the browser both indicate the links and controls they find. And, many web pages have hidden controls. (Thus, the need for customization to get it just right.) We sometimes look at this and make adjustments because of updates to browsers, etc.

Intags work differently in different browsers. Which is actually a great thing because there are a lot of inaccessible web applications out there (like Oracle applications). Although we can customize our Intags to work with any of them. (Easiest with Chrome), we've found that many of these applications work out of the box with either Chrome, Firefox or IE. If something doesn't work, we advise that you try a different browser. Find one that works for a particular application and avoid any customization costs.
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If you do not have the Chrome extension, InTags in Google Chrome only tags the menu bar. However, I can confirm that the latency exists with regard to the menu bar and intags.

Our Google Chrome extension has no problems either with initial display or refresh. Both are instantaneous.

Therefore, and again, we suspect that the problem is with Windows 7 Ultimate and were still looking at it.

just as a reminder I depend upon VoiceComputer finding “junk” Intags in multi-framed custom applications running in Firefox because neither chrome nor i.e. finds all of the clickable UI objects within the multiple frames
Phil Schaadt


Thanks, several other users have reported this, so I’m really hesitant to ask the programmer to ‘fix’ this problem.

But I’m having problems with Firefox 48…

What version of Windows are you using and what version of Chrome?

I just upgraded to Firefox 48 (not sure what version I had) and Intags are not working well in either Windows 7 (Windows 7 Ultimate) or even that well in Windows 10.

I have no problem with Firefox 48 I use it hours a day both with the auto tag Intags (occasionally flaky) but mostly with my custom overlays.The auto Intag’s will often times hit the high 300s but I only have the configuration set to be able to access up to the 250th Intag

I’m using Windows 7 Pro on two different machines and I’m trying to remember whether or not I recently used my intags on my 8.1 machine and while I think I have I can’t guarantee that that was the case.

As for chrome I’m using version 52.0.2743.116 M and chrome says that’s up-to-date. Chrome will not tag into the multi-frame custom application where Firefox will.

Phil Schaadt

So, Windows 7 Ultimate is the main culprit. Intags on Firefox 48 is s…l…o…w.

I hadn’t noticed this because just about all our clients are on Windows 7 Pro and Windows 10.


Are you using the VoiceComputer Chrome extension? If not, Intags will not tag anything other than the menu bar at the top. Our Chrome extension works fine in Google Chrome and identifies (numbers) almost everything. There are some application Windows where the Chrome extension may not work, such as in the Extensions tab. I found a couple of application Windows where the chrome extension will not number any of the links, but these are few and far between.

I’m using the VoiceComputer Chrome Extension.

the application has four separate frames within the browser.
using Firefox I get about 350 Intags on a page, all of them active elements although in the main window there are three functionally redundant tags per line item. All these items are not functionally needed to use the program, VoiceComputer Intags has accurately tag those active items.

With the chrome extension on the same page, I get about 20 Intags and none of the active line items, folders, dates and none of the active buttons. Hence, the application is unusable.

I sent screenshots to Ron from this application about a year ago since every time I tried upload an image I got an error. Lindsay has also looked at this application and while I do not remember the details Lindsay confirmed that the items would only be mapped in Firefox.

Therefore, I hope you don’t “fix Firefox” because I use this app every day as well as about half a dozen other apps that will only Intag all the active items when using Firefox.

For what it’s worth, doing the same comparison on this page, using the chrome plug-in I do not get intags on all of active buttons on each of the posts. ( Post Options – thanks – quote – reply) but I only get “Quote”, “reply” and the “back to the top” buttons tagged in chrome. All of the buttons have Intags in Firefox.

Phil Schaadt

I checked the four other very important but less frequently used corporate applications which use multiple frames. I found the same behavior between Firefox and Chrome. Only in Firefox were the active items correctly Intagged.
Chrome missed almost all of them.

all of these applications are web front ends that were bolted on to pre-existing Fat Client custom corporate applications (mostly first or second generation client/server apps from the 90s) . Therefore I wouldn’t particularly worry about chrome not in tagging them. I’m sure that there are a few of your other customers who have to use these kinds of applications. I just don’t want you to “fix” Firefox and make all of these applications unusable by voice.

Phil Schaadt

Good thing to keep in mind. Thanks, Phil

I got it. Leave Firefox alone.