jabra headset

I just got a Jabra Pro930 wireless headset because it was one of the ones recommended highly on the DNS website, but it is not working properly. I talked with tech support (actually through Logitech bec that model comes through them) and they helped solve one problem – the side tone echo directly back to my ear, but once that went away, the mic no longer worked in DNS.

BUT - it works in Skype.
DNS is not one of the ‘softphones’ specified in the Jabra software.

Can anyone help?



I left you a voicemail because I need to speak with you directly regarding this microphone.

If I am correct in assuming that by the DNS website you’re referring to Nuance, you should take anything that they say with a grain of salt. You can usually get most any microphone to work with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, but it is best to stick with microphone/soundcard’s that are demonstrated over time to work properly with DNS.

You have to understand that “softphones” refer to specific telephones supported by Jabra. DNS is not a softphone. I can probably help to correct the problem, but, again, I need to talk to you directly.Chucker2014-02-07 12:30:55