Issues with Chrome

I’m having the following issues:

Unable to select or correct text I’ve dictated into the address box and other forms including this one. For example, if I say "select " I get in error “cannot find any matching text.”

I have to use the “simulate keystrokes” setting in dictation box in order to be able to enter text into form fields. If I do not do this, I cannot fill form fields.

Thanks for your help.

Assuming that you have the Dragon Chrome extension installed...

If the green button on the DragonBar is not lit up when you're dictating into a field, Dragon doesn't have Full-Text control in that field. Thus, you can't use Dragon's select text commands.

But, you can still select words with Dragon's basic selection commands such as select the last four words.

Thanks Ron,

Dragon Chrome extension is installed and the green button on the DragonBar is lit up but I still don’t have full-text control.

Is it possible this is a problem with the browser configuration/settings, VC interfering with Dragon, or some other reason why I can’t use Dragon’s select text commands?


The Dragon Google Chrome Extension (I do not mean the Intag extension) is critically unstable. Its use is counter-productive and destabilises the system.

I have had it switched off now for several months.

Voicecomputer provides all of the navigational clicking functionality far better than Dragon; i.e. no use for click x, click image, click text field, click radio button etc. For me also, Voicecomputer is a rock-solid program. I never have to do a restart during a day’s work.

Speechproductivity provides all of the forced dictation functionality again far better than Dragon in terms of speed, functionality and visibility. I think it’s fair to say that dictation can be forced anywhere using Speechproductivity.

Having said this, for most recognition and command work I find the native Dragon commands unbeatable. I contain myself regularly to the use of about thirty third party or self-written commands, so Dragon does its job very well.


Stephen is right,

Every now and then the Chrome web extension gets updated, or Chrome itself gets updated and new hope's arising that this time the Dragon extension will work properly in Chrome (it works perfectly in Internet Explorer). Sadly it never quite does. Well, sometimes it does for about 10 minutes and then Dragon gets unresponsive as soon as you close Chrome. A shame because Chrome really is the fastest browser out there and most people's favorite. It's syncing feature and smart lock password manager, for instance, are great for hands-free users. Support for Google results is optimall. It's probably also the safest browser because any infected tab cannot affect other open tabs etc.

Those who like Select and Say searches in Chrome will find my Chrome Search module very comfortable. It's part of the SP 4.0 package (thanks for the positive feedback Stephen!)

But more importantly this once again confirms the sheer necessity of VoiceComputer. To navigate Chrome with numbered links. But that's just a small part of the VoiceComputer functionality.
This program has so much more to offer and my productivity wouldn't even be a third of what I can do now (programming, music production, web design and lots and lots of other things) if I hadn't bought VoiceComputer.

Not all users are aware of this, but VoiceComputer can be tweaked entirely to your own custom needs.
I have completely edited/rewritten most of my Intag/MyIntags commands and integrated them into all kinds of Dragon commands. If you take the time to understand the VC scripting language you can get more out of the program then you ever thought possible.

For me personally VoiceComputer has also greatly reduced voice strain, which really can be a hazard to hands-free users.

At the time Edge was introduced (which I actually avoid because Bing never finds anything I need) I was pleasantly surprised that VoiceComputer works there as well, fast and clean. VoiceComputer simply is the best Dragon Add-on out there. I've been using it for years and I'm pretty sure that it remains the best choice for complete hands-free control of your computer.

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I have never found the Dragon Web Extension for Chrome to be unstable. It has always worked just fine for me. The current Version ( is very stable and the stability is not influenced negatively as the Chrome version is updated. Works just fine with current Chrome version 67.0.3396.79 (Official Build) (64-bit), which is what I am dictating into with DPI 15.3.
Anyone having trouble is likely having a conflict with something on their system or another extension. I am using the current VC InTag Chrome extension and VC Version 2.0.6.

I also have no problems with Full Text Control (Select-and-Say).
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A couple of users have reported a problem so it’s likely that another extension (or a virus scanner?) is blocking our Chrome extension.

If anyone else is experiencing a problem, please let us know! The more we know about this issue, the easier it’ll be to find the culprit.

Hi, y’all!

This isn’t my first time visiting, but it is my first time posting. I don’t have VoiceComputer running right now, as yesterday it gave me away a whale of lot of problems. I was looking through the latest forum topics, and saw this one and thought it might be applicable. I use most of the major browsers, but especially Chrome. Anyway, I started my computer with Chrome, Outlook, and Dragon & VoiceComputer running and everything started acting very weirdly. I knew there had recently been some Windows updates, so I shut down and restarted a bit later with the same problems reoccurring. In tags would not stay on the screen either with Outlook or Chrome, and Outlook would shut down without any intervention from me. I was very hesitant to go through that again today, so I do not have VoiceComputer running at this moment. I will check the other topics and will check back here and will gladly provide any other data you might need.
You folks are awesome!
Thank you for all you do,
Tom Parker
> I started my computer with Chrome, Outlook, and Dragon & VoiceComputer running
> and everything started acting very weirdly.

What version of VoiceComputer do you have? (If you have a recent version, it'll be listed on the VoiceComputer control center. With previous versions, you need to say, "Show VoiceComputer version"

It shouldn't make a big difference but it's best to first start Dragon & VoiceComputer and then open other programs.

If that doesn't fix the problems, try this:

Run ConfigVC.exe in the C:Program Files (x86)VoiceTeachVoiceComputerscripts directory.
(need admin rights for this).
ConfigVC.exe resets all the settings in VoiceComputer.

Start a new Dragon user profile.

If this doesn't work, uninstall/reinstall VoiceComputer and do a repair install of Dragon.

Let us know!


What do you mean by "I started my computer with Chrome, Outlook, and Dragon & VoiceComputer running"
Do you have all three of them in your startup folder?

If so, only VoiceComputer needs to start up automatically since it launches Dragon automatically, having both (or too many other items) in your startup folder causes problems.

Click Start and type in: msconfig to see which items are automatically started with Windows.

Finally, as Ron already advised, creating a brand-new Dragon profile usually solves lots of strange Dragon behavior.