Is VoicePower for WSR still available?


I'm considering speech recognition options for a client who doesn't have access to Dragon NaturallySpeaking. My first thought was VoicePower for WSR. I see the product advertised on your website, but I don't see the product available for purchase (as a CD bundle or a download) in your shop.

Is VoicePower for WSR still available, or is the WSR functionality that VoicePower provides only available to users of VoicePower Ultimate?


Hi Eric,

VoicePower for WSR is still available but the best alternative is to use Dragon Basics $49. with VoicePower. We now have a price of $99. for students..
BTW, we will be announcing a major new release of VoicePower in the next couple of days. You can download the 32 bit version by logging into your account and tracking your last order.