Is voicecomputer compatible with natlink?

I’m a new happy user of voice computer wondering if something bad will happen if I install natlink [1] as well.

Has anyone tried this?

Thanks in advance for any help.




Unfortunately, we can’t tell you whether or not Natlink will coexist with VoiceComputer because we don’t use Natlink and we don’t support it.

You’ll just have to try it. The worst that can possibly happen is that it might cause either Dragon or VoiceComputer to crash when using both Natlink and VoiceComputer simultaneously, but it is not likely to do anything bad to your system, your profiles, or VoiceComputer itself. VoiceComputer uses Microsoft.Net Framework.

Also, for the benefit of everyone, we will be ceasing support for windows XP after April 8, 2014. We will continue to assist with current versions of VoiceComputer under Windows XP for current users, but future versions will not be tested with Windows XP. In addition, there are certain problems on certain systems running XP that can cause the Common Language Runtime (CLR) to fail in Microsoft .net framework and preclude VoiceComputer from working and for which we have never found a cause or solution. Therefore and because of the fact that Microsoft will not be supporting Windows XP after April 8, 2014, we cannot expend any more resources trying to resolve any issues with VoiceComputer and systems using Windows XP. We strongly advise anyone using VoiceComputer under Windows XP to upgrade to Windows 7 32-bit at minimum, and 64-bit preferably.

Lastly, be advised that there is a good possibility that Nuance will not be supporting 32-bit versions of Windows in subsequent releases of Dragon NaturallySpeaking after 12.5.1. We get this general impression from the fact that Dragon Dictate 4 for the Mac has been released and is fully and only 64-bit.

PS, as regards Natlink, we also do not support Vocola or any related scripting applications, such as Dragonfly, etc. Note that I’m not saying they won’t work. I’m just saying that we don’t test with or support such.Chucker2014-03-17 08:31:20