Is the default microphone only one that will open

When I am using my default microphone the program will open with the command "voice computer command center." I don't say commands but command.

However, with a user that uses one of my other microphones it will not open with either the command "voice computer command center" or "voice computer commands center."

I thought I read somewhere that it should work with all microphones. The voice computer microphone is in the taskbar on the right-hand side of the bottom of the computer when I use those commands.

Much appreciated.

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Another holiday? But then every day is a holiday for me now that I have retired.

I use ‘VoiceComputer Control Centre’, which works for me. I have just tried using ‘VoiceComputer Command Centre’ and this switched this page to the main page for this website and opened up another screen before opening the control centre, so I won’t be trying it again.



Viv is correct. The proper command is “VoiceComputer control center”.

“VoiceComputer command center” might inadvertently trigger the VoiceComputer control center, but that’s only because in the one case it interpreted what you said as “VoiceComputer control center”.

The correct command should work with any microphone. At least it does for me on four distinct systems with four different microphones. It also works properly on my Lenovo Multitouch Twist with the built-in WebCam microphone, which also works nicely with DNS 13 using the Far Field BestMatch V General-Large Speech model

First, I misspoke. I do use the correct command when attempting to open VoiceComputer. I just tested it again. The only microphone that works is my Jabro 9470 which I have as my default device. My Andrea WNC-1500 is marked as "ready." It will not work. When I plug in my wired headset it to doesn't work.

I'm rather frustrated. Along with the fact I have to use the dictation box to dictate this message is also frustrating. Full text control is simply another quantum frustration.

Full text control is a Dragon problem, isn't it?

Thankfully, I will be very busy today and my frustration with these problems will not bleed into my psyche all that much. But I don't know what to do about them and I sure want to have both functions.

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I’m assuming that you’re using Google Chrome. Is that correct? If so, then the problem with Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) is pure Dragon 13 for whatever reason. However, make sure that the version is correct and that neither of the checkboxes is selected as shown below.

Switching microphones Re: the VoiceComputer microphone is tricky. This is also true of DNS 13. Try the following:

(1) When you change microphones, make sure that Dragon and VoiceComputer are unloaded first. Insert your microphone that you want to use and make sure that the default Recording device in the Windows Sound dialog has correctly selected your microphone as the default.

(2) Try saying “open VoiceComputer control center”. Remember that there can be a brief period of initialization before the microphone responds. There are times when you have to issue the command a couple of times because the microphone (VC microphone) may not be fully initialized.

(3) When changing microphones you need to make sure that Dragon will open to that microphone (i.e., your user profile which is automatically loaded by VoiceComputer based on your last user profile). If you’re going to use a different profile, make sure that you select it when the open user dialog is displayed. Otherwise, VoiceComputer will load your last used user profile and if the microphones don’t match, you will run into a problem.

(4) if the VoiceComputer control center won’t respond to your configured microphone, try closing the VoiceComputer microphone in the system tray and then double-click on the VC microphone icon on the desktop to reset it.

Let us know if you continue to have a problem. I haven’t tested with the Andréa WNC-1500 so I can’t be sure whether or not that one will configure itself properly. However, your wired microphone should work. Regardless, the VC microphone must be able to recognize each microphone, which can require manipulating either the user profile or closing and restarting the VC microphone.

I have no problems with the SpeechWare 6-in-1 TableMike, the SpeechMatic USB MultiAdapter & TravelMike, or my Samson Airline 77 Wireless Microphone. I have experience times when it is necessary to shut things down and restart them for the VC microphone work properly, but I’ve never had a problem getting any particular microphone and/or user profile (properly configured) being inaccessible via the VC microphone.Chucker2014-12-08 13:25:06


I am using Google Chrome. Neither of the boxes are checked on the extension. And I am using the current extension.

As far as the command question, if I understand what you're saying, if I close out of VoiceComputer and Dragon with the user that uses the Jabra 9470, I have to go into Windows sound and check the microphone as the default I want to open the next time with the command?

Maybe I misunderstood but I thought the program would open with the command with either the Jabro which is the "default" recording device or the WNC 1500 which is the " ready" microphone notwithstanding what user I was using at the time I shut down the program.

As I read your instructions, if I shut down with the user attached to the Jabra microphone, it is the only microphone with which I can use this command unless I go back in and change users to the one I use the WNC 1500 with, then close down so that I can use that microphone with this command the next time I reopen the program?

If I am correct, then the command only works with one microphone at a time unless you do all these other things.

Thanks for getting back to me.

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The first thing that you need to understand is that Windows doesn’t recognize microphones. It recognizes soundcards, but you’re correct, Windows can only recognize one soundcard at a time.

For example, if you have a Andréa PureAudio USB SA/MA USB SoundPod, you can insert any microphone into that soundcard and VC microphone will recognize it because you have set the default soundcard as USB. However, when you’re switching between the Jabra 9470 and the WNC 1500, these are two distinctly different soundcards. So, you would have to set each one as the "Default"in the Windows Sound dialog and then close and restart the VC microphone before the VoiceComputer microphone will recognize each one. Nevertheless, your conclusion is essentially correct.

Good morning, Chucker:

This morning, I changed the WNC 1500 to the default device. Attached is a picture of that. The command "voicecomputer control center" did not work. I then manually opened voice computer and KnowBrainer. The user was one for the Jabra microphone. I switched users to one for the WNC 1500 enclosed out of everything.

The command "voicecomputer control center" still did not work. When I manually opened voice computer the user was the one for the WNC 1500 microphone.

So is the command not only microphone specific but also user specific or like my fulltext control problem (dictating using dictation box) am I somehow jinxed?

Always appreciate your insight.

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Forgot the screenshot


Your screen capture shows to default microphones, both the Andréa and the Jabra Pro. In all likelihood having to default microphones is what is part of the problem. Try disabling the Jabra with your Dragon profile set up for the WNC 1500.

One other thing you can try is to go to the Windows Control Panel | Speech Recognition | Set up microphone and see which one comes up. If it’s not the WNC 1500, then that’s, I suspect, why it’s not working. If it does come up correctly, simply train it. Then try again. However, keep in mind, as I’ve stated above, that you can’t have multiple default microphones in the Sound dialog. In addition, I also suspect that because of what shown in your screen capture, the Jabra is taking precedence.

Thank you for getting back to me, Chucker,

I disabled the Jabra. When I ran the speech recognition set up microphone it recognized the WNC 1500. However, the "voice computer control center" command still did not work.

I must be constantly naughty.

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