Is running order important?

I seem to think that prior to current version 11.5, DNS could already be on and running before loading up VP.

Has this changed with VP11.5?

With VP 11.5, if I try to load it with DNS already running, it tries to re-load DNS a second time (the DNS splash screen pops up) and I get an error message.

Ron, Chuck - I’ll email you a screen grab of the error as I’m having a problem uploading the screen grab jpg via the “Insert Image” icon in the forum post header.

my system:-

DNS 11 Pro

UK English language model

Windows 7 with UAC control turned off


Should have said - Win 64 bit


First, are you using the 64-bit version of VoicePower?

Second, when you say “show VoicePower version” what is the exact version of VoicePower displayed?

VoicePower, which is the latest and greatest, has a startup utility that should not cause the error that you’re getting. That is, it is designed specifically to detect whether or not Dragon is loaded and subsequently only load VoicePower.

Ask Ron to send you the most current startup utility, if he hasn’t done so already. That should rectify your problem. However, please let us know if you got that file and, if after installing it, VoicePower startup correctly even if Dragon is already loaded. The latest startup utility is designed specifically to start VoicePower and Dragon automatically, including opening your most recent user profile. Using that startup utility also allows you to completely shut down Dragon and VoicePower or shutdown and restart both completely by voice.

If you have been communicating with Ron, I may be slightly behind on addressing this issue. Please let me know.


I'm running the 64-bit version of VoicePower.

VoicePower version is

Ron sent me a couple of files with some instructions to fix the problem but the problem hasn't gone away. I sent him a screen recording showing the error message I get when loading VoicePower with Dragon already running.

If I tried to load VoicePower before loading Dragon, the VoicePower start-up utility tells me to open my Dragon profile first.

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I uninstalled VPU with a view to doing a clean reinstall.

I went to my order page on the store but the download time limit expired.

Guess I’ll need to wait for 11.5.2 unless Ron and Chuck would like to make version downloadable from my account again to see if the problem previously reported still exists.



I’ll reset your account so that you can download the latest 64-bit version of VP.

I’m not sure of the version that is posted currently in the store has the latest startup utility because we’ve been playing around with it and testing it. I will reset your account make sure it’s got the latest and greatest. If you still have a problem, let me know via e-mail and I’ll send you a copy of the startup utility that Ron sent me for testing, which does fix this problem.