Introducing VoiceComputer 13

VoiceComputer 13 features further enhancements to our Super Numbers technology.

With customization, Super Numbers is now a complete speech interface.

For those of you who are not yet using Super Numbers, it’s a great time to try our new technology to simplify your work and speed it up.

VoiceComputer’s patent-pending Super Numbers technology reinvents and re-engineers the existing Show Numbers technologies that provide only limited control over a limited number of applications. With Super Numbers, seven simple voice commands deliver control of the Windows desktop, standard applications like Microsoft Office, Windows Explorer, Gmail, and with our optional extension, standard Word templates and PDF forms.

You can control all these applications by starting with the command: “Super Numbers” (or “Show Numbers”), then following numbers to access the screen location of your choice. As you issue numbers to control an application, the resulting screens are automatically numbered. You can even dictate (or type) through the numbering, letting you control an application with minimal commands.

Super Numbers’ Overlays can number any screen location, whether or not it contains an accessible control. You can easily customize our Show Overlays to number only the screen locations desired, simplifying the command and control of anything and everything.

For the ultimate in accessibility, VoiceTeach can customize Super Numbers to give you fast and easy control over even the most complex applications that were once thought impossible to access and control by speech. For example, Super Numbers commands let our users quickly control major applications with hundreds and thousands of screens, like CMS/CWS and Compass, complex online databases like CALWIN used by government agencies and proprietary software used by corporations.Super Numbers can also deliver full control over applications accessed through Citrix. Contact us for an estimate.

In addition to Super Numbers, VoiceComputer 13 also features:

Compatibility with Dragon 13 (and continued compatibility with Dragon 10-12).
Our second generation VoiceComputer Microphone. The VC Microphone delivers hands-free control of Dragon, the Dragon microphone, and your computer.
Our (mouse) screen grid is now configurable to let you achieve precise results with our mouse commands on any monitor.
An improved VoiceComputer Control Center (which works seamlessly with DNS’s new DragonBar as well as ‘Classic’ DragonBar’s).
And for those who haven’t recently upgraded, you’ll appreciate all the new features and improved documentation that we have introduced in the last year.

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Good morning, Ron,

I noticed in reading your previous post that the VC microphone in version 13 is second-generation. I did not uninstall the VC microphone when I uninstalled version 12.My question is which generation of VC microphone do I have? Is there a way to tell?

Since I make my living with my mouth I have to have the latest and greatest microphone! At least as to dictation.

Thanks so much.

So far version 13 is fantastic.



First, the VC microphone always executes from the Program Files (x86)

C:Program Files (x86)VoiceTeachVoiceComputerscriptsVoiceComputer Microphone.exe

Therefore, when you uninstall the previous version of VoiceComputer and install the most current version, you always have the most current generation of the VC microphone.

Second, when you uninstall the previous version of VoiceComputer that contains the VoiceComputer microphone, you are prompted to close it (icon in the systray) first. Since the VC microphone is always executed from the VoiceComputer program files as noted above, you needn’t worry about it. That is, you’re always getting the current generation executable.

The shortcut icon on the desktop and the icon in the system tray, which enables it, always call it and enable it from the above location. The long and the short of it is that it takes care of itself.

Still, if you’re concerned about it, all you have to do is right-click on the VoiceComputer microphone in the systray and click “Close”, then double-click on the shortcut icon on the desktop to reenable it.

Lastly, when you install the new version of VoiceComputer, unless you reboot your computer, the VoiceComputer microphone icon is not automatically loaded in the systray. Therefore, in order to enable it after install, you simply click on the VoiceComputer microphone shortcut so that VoiceComputer enables the VC microphone by placing the icon in the systray.Chucker2014-08-13 07:40:27

Thank you, Chucker:

I feel much better now.

By the way, I watch the voice help demo every morning first thing. I learn from it and I like the young woman’s voice. Don’t tell Ron, but I think that is his voice that comes up in the selection video. I don’t like his voice his much. But then again, his brain cells along with yours and others, created this wonderful program. Therefore, I will not eat any potato chips today as punishment for saying what I did.[If it is actually your voice I will mail you a Snickers and a Mr. Goodbar].

I do have a question. How do I move up or down it in the voice help menu that comes up when asking for help, etc. In other words, what is coming up in the demo on the right.

Like I did in college, when I learned a new word every day, I continue to learn a new piece of productivity with VoiceComputer every day. And who said a foolish consistency was the hobgoblin of little minds? Don’t put the answer on the reply. Let’s see who can answer it without googling it.

Whoever is the first to respond With the correct answer will receive a picture of Newman the motorcycle boy.

Much appreciated,



Thanks for the email with a link to VoiceComputer 13.05. Are there any major changes from version 13.02?


VoiceComputer 13.05 works with the new DragonBar and some documentation for DNS 13. More will follow.

Thanks Ron,

I am not using the new DragonBar, but I may give it a try again.


Viv et al.,

I’ve been testing the New DragonBar with VoiceComputer 13.05. And it works in all cases.

The only issue that we have to correct in the next release, and which is minor even if confusing, is that with the New DragonBar when you shutdown VoiceComputer and Dragon you will get a warning message that VoiceComputer only works with the Classic DragonBar. You can ignore this because it does in fact work in terms of closing Dragon, saving your user profile, and properly shutting down both Dragon and VoiceComputer. Chucker2014-08-19 05:38:48