Interruptions in video playback

Good afternoon,

I’ve recently started using VoicePower Ultimate, and I can’t comment much beyond the fact that I’m really impressed with it. I look forward to learning from it and seeing how it can change my workflow. One problem I’ve been having, though, is hitches in the video playback. That is, I’ll issue a “Show <> Demo” command and the video will play promptly, but after 20 or so seconds the video will stop. From here, I can only resume the video with a mouse click using DNS or the VoicePower Screen Grid. (Full disclosure: there may be another way to resume the video, I just don’t know it).

Here are my specs:

Windows 7 64 bit
2 Ghz Intel Core2Duo Processor
4 GB of RAM
ATI (Mobility) Radeon HD 4570 graphics card, with 512 MB video memory
Andrea half duplex USB sound pod (sound output through onboard sound card).

My specs aren’t in-line with the VoicePower recommended specs (my processor’s slightly slower), but this is a decent, newish (just over a year old) system.

Do you have any thoughts as to why I’m experiencing these hiccups, and what I can do to resolve them?


ewaccess2010-07-24 10:29:47


Which demos have you tried and/or are having problems with specifically.

One of the problems with the demos, which I’ve been trying to get Ron to fix, occurs if you have the microphone on during the playing of the demo. I’m not sure if this is the problem in your case, but it does have a tendency to pick up what is being said in the demos and pausing them. If you give me a list of the demos that you’re having problems with, so I can test them, I’ll take a look at them. However, I’ve not experienced the demo actually stopping midstream.

Otherwise, try turning off the microphone before the demo actually starts and see if that resolves the problem. Let me know.

Hi Chuck,

I’ve tried several demos, and I believe that I understand the problem. The demo that frustrated me the most was the one I was most interested in - the Voice Files demo. It would consistently stop mid-playback after less than 20 seconds.

I do leave my microphone on during playback of all demonstrations. But, I halfway followed your recommendation. Instead of turning the microphone off, I put it to sleep immediately after launching the Voice Files demo. Voilà , it played through without interruption. I woke the microphone, re-launched the demo, put it to sleep, and then woke the microphone again during playback. The demo stopped less than 5 seconds after the microphone was awoken.

I think it’s safe to assume that the interruptions are due to the microphone picking up noise from the demos. Almost as soon as the demo starts playing, the results box displays <…>. The microphone also picks up occasional, single words “…”…"

Over the course of watching several demos, my microphone would pick up words from male and female speakers. It seems noteworthy to me that the only time the playback would stop playing is if a male was speaking. I tested this with the microphone on at various points during the Voice Mouse demo that has both a male and female speaker.

So I think this is a case of “Doctor, it hurts when I do this!” I’ll put the microphone to sleep (or turn it off) during demos. One thing I thought that was very clever was during the Opening Programs and Outlook demos, VoicePower put my microphone to sleep and told me to wake it up when I was ready to dictate again. I guess I should’ve watched those demos first! It might have clued me in to a best practice.

Thanks for helping me identify the problem, and please feel free to add any other feedback.


A fairly long time ago I indicated to Ron that this was going to be a problem with the demos and tutorials. I suggested that he use the mic button commands to turn the microphone off during the demos and then turn it back on when they were completed and/or the user closed them. Will have to reassess that for the future.