Intags work super with MS Outlook

If you haven’t tried intags with Microsoft Outlook, you need to. It is incredibly productive. I spent all day today and most of the day yesterday working my way through my inbox (I get about 100 emails a day) with in tags only. That, “drag” works incredibly well. In addition, I was able to use in tags for all the top task commands such as the reply, reply all, forward, etc. it really shined when I used in tags to open my address book and insert contacts. I think it made my Outlook a few hundred percent faster and more productive. Congratulations to the voice computer team.


Thank you for the kudos. Straightforward and I think you nailed it.

Don’t forget that InTags works wonders in other ways:

1. “InTag taskbar” will number everything in the Windows taskbar. Unlike similar applications, InTag taskbar also works even if you have the taskbar set to automatically hide.
2. If the InTag technology cannot find underlying objects that can be numbered using “Show Numbers”, “InTag window”, or “show InTags”, you can use the “My InTags” commands (overlays) wherein you can number anything in an application window, as well as create sequential overlays, which allow you to drill down through drop-down lists and multiple Windows in the same application. It is also easy to modify when necessary or desirable.