Intags taskbar command problem

I have decided to start from the beginning with intags. Having some problems with it. I should say it is having problems with me!

When I give the command “show intags demo” I get a popup that states it can’t be executed. The pop-up actually says it cannot find the command.

Any thought?

Thanks and happy 2019,


Trionalaw2019-01-17 13:40:50
Not sure what causes this, but sounds like an antivirus program (Bitdefender?) is blocking the executable from running (VC demos are executables). If it is, it's a false-positive of course.

The demo you're after is here:
C:Program Files (x86)VoiceTeachVoiceComputerdemosvpdemo_intags.exe
Speech19652019-01-17 20:16:25

thank you for getting back to me, Speech 1965,

Your input found the problem. I do not have that file. The only file in demos that starts with the letter “I” is the one for Internet Explorer, IE.

And I have the latest and greatest version of voice computer. I can always blame it on a college girlfriend who probably was bipolar but she may well be in a coven.

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PS: I know Ron monitors these proceedings so maybe he will have a fix.

What antivirus program are you using Norton, Bitdefender? It may have deleted the file.
It's easy to check whether or not your AV is the culprit. Just run the IE lesson (or click vpdemo_ie.exe manually and see what happens.

If it's not your AV then yes, it must be your college girlfriend ;-)
Speech19652019-01-18 13:40:22

thanks again, Speech 1965,

I am using McAfee. I think also Windows Defender is active.

The Internet Explorer demo worked perfectly.

I finally got to New Orleans last year. I am thinking maybe your next suggestion will be for me to go there and see if I can first find her coven and second see if I can somehow find someone who can put a spell on her. Maybe a rival coven?

Is there any way to look at the antivirus programs to see what they may have deleted?

I live in Cincinnati. Apparently a big snowstorm is coming. That will give me more impetus to stay hunched down over the computer and figure out in tags, and other functions of this program that are so cool. I’ve been using it for probably two years and still in a numbskull at times using it. And I quit sniffing glue about five years ago.

Enjoy your weekend and again I appreciate your help very much.


First, uninstall the version you have and install the new version. It’s a significant upgrade and hopefully, the install will go smoothly and everything will be installed. (I haven’t seen another case in which everything wasn’t installed.)

After the installation, check the
C:Program Files (x86)VoiceTeachVoiceComputerdemos directory.
There should be 60 demonstrations in the directory.

Thanks so much, Ron,

That fixed the problem. However, I have counted the number of demos in the file. You said there should be 60. I count 62. Must be that college girlfriend again.

As always, much appreciated,


Thanks so much, Ron,

The new installation fixed the problem. However, you said there should be 60 demos in the folder. I counted three times and found 62. Must be that college girlfriend again.

As always, much appreciated,