Intags Commands

Is there an Intags Command that lets you click a number but automatically stop showing Intags thereafter?

Mark there is an “stayopen” setting in the XML configuration files. Are you working with your CustomOverlays or are you just working with the normal “show intags”. Ron told me where the setting is for the custom overlays in my thread on Intag Problems.

Phil Schaadt

No just the normal Intag commands. For example I’m saying Intag Taskbar, Click 14 and launching a program where I do not wish to use the Intags.


First, keep in mind that in the Dragon Options dialog | Commands tab
there are two options for: Require “Click” to select menus and Require “Click” to select buttons and other controls. Both of these options are generally unnecessary. Even if these two options are unselected, you can always say click ##. However, with Intags and these two options unselected you only need to say the number. If they are enabled (selected), then you will always have to say click, which is sometimes useful, but most of the time unnecessary, especially with Intags.

Second, some of the suggestions that have been made on the forum are viable. But the one thing that everybody should keep in mind is that the more we add to VoiceComputer, the more complex it gets, and the more the propensity for something getting broken. To keep it simple, simply use the command “close numbers”.

It would not be viable for us to create a command that automatically closes numbers because that would defeat the entire purpose of Intags, which is to keep them open unless you want to close them. In other words, we would be shooting ourselves in the foot. I don’t and wouldn’t recommend to Ron creating such a command considering how simple it is to simply say “close numbers”.

Okay understood I will use Close Numbers instead of Press Escape as it sometimes interferes with what I’m doing.