Intags and Amicus Attorney

I have a file management program called Amicus Attorney. Intags works with it until I use the feature that brings up the files. No intag numbers appear with the files. I wonder if anyone has any thoughts?

I have had difficulty attaching pictures. I will try to attach the screen shot. If not I will see if I can find it on the Amicus Attorney website.

Much appreciated.


The window I am having problems with is the one noting "File information instantly accessible.


Hey Jim I took a quick look at the link. Why not create a custom intag overlay sized to the window. Since the file feature must be very critical having the intags show up in the same place all the time would probably be an advantage anyway.
Phil Schaadt


Is your suggestion same as the overlay Function 13 setup? I use it on my billing program called TimeSlips and it works pretty good. I have one problem with it that I will send by seperate topic.



Jim I’m pretty sure that that feature has been superseded by the new Intag feature.

Start with Show Main Menu
then take a look at Intag Intro
then take a look at Show Intag Guide
Intag Commands explains the commands and then
My Intag Commands will show you how to Create Overllays

I have created a couple of Custom Overlay’s on my application winddows that I use most often. One particularly gnarly email web app has 150 Intag dots.

This has significantly improved my productivity and really reduced the stress on my hands and shoulders.

Phil Schaadt

Thanks again, Phil,

As I interpret your email I will need to create an in tag for each of the several files listed? No big deal for my end.

Much appreciated.


Yes but the spacing on your window should always be the same so you should only need one overlay for that window



I gather that you have forgotten everything I showed you about what is now My InTags.

There should be no difference between what we did at that time and what you are currently doing with Amicus Attorney.

If you want to get together with TeamViewer, we can go over it again. Since the last time I worked with you on this, I have learned a few tips and tricks.
Chucker2015-09-23 09:03:26


I was able to number the files with intags and am now in business.



PS: and I probably did forget what you taught me because I am old as dirt.