InTagging address bar

I’m still having a challenge trying to intag the address bar when I’m in the main content window. For example, it’s easy to see intags over all my links in a Google Chrome window. However, if I wanted to intag the address bar (the top bar containing among other things, homepage), I’m not sure what the command is to intag those icons. The same question goes for the taskbar below. How do I go from in tagging the main content area to in tagging the taskbar at the very bottom of the computer screen?

Say, Intag Menu to Intag Chrome’s Address Bar. The Intag Menu command only works when Chrome is at 100%. It also doesn’t number the back button.

But, we do have a ‘Go Back’ and quite a few other commands for Chrome.
Say, ‘Show Chrome Commands’ to view the commands.

Say, ‘0’ (zero) to Intag the taskbar when the Intags are active. Or Intag Taskbar anytime.
See ‘Show Intag Commands’


That works very well, thanks.