Intag Start Menu

With the latest update from Windows 10 the command Intag Start Menu no longer works…


InTags is based on the classic start menu (i.e., Windows 7). We haven't had a chance to modify it for Windows 10 yet.

Try saying "click start" or "click start menu" and see if the Windows 10 Start Menu displays InTag numbers.

I use start10 from Stardock software to give me back the classic start menu.

However, I will test to see what does and what doesn't work and pass along to Ron. Until now we haven't had that many takers on Windows 10 using VoiceComputer.

Windows 10 is still a work in progress anyway. It doesn't behoove us to make any changes only to find that a new Windows update changes the game/rules.
We are looking at it though.
Addendum: I tested this out on one of my Windows 10 machines. If you're using the Windows 10 start menu and you say "click start" or "click start menu", the Windows 10 menu opens InTag numbers won't display until or unless the Windows 10 start menu has full focus. For example, click on your username and then say "InTag window". When the start menu has full focus, it will display the InTag numbers. Nonetheless, it's something that still needs a little work.
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okay thanks for the update.

I understand it being a pain with Windows 10 influx…