Intag questions with Gmail labels

good evening,
I perused the Intag commands but could not come up with a solution. I save emails to a list of labels. I can get the list of labels open but often the label I need is further down the list. Can I somehow page down within the list of labels?

I am attaching a screenshot. For some reason, I can’t get the screensaver picture from my other monitor out of the screenshot. This is a picture of my granddaughter. That is my youngest daughter holding her.

As always, thanks so much.


for some reason the screenshot is not uploading. I left the computer on last night to allow it to upload and this morning it still had not uploaded. Therefore, I will send it to Ron by email.

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I’m traveling. Will try to get to back to you tomorrow.

without question, you and Chuck are GOAT!

(I uploaded your file, minus your family member. I’m very security minded and don’t think it’s a good idea to include pictures of family members on a public forum.)

Just say, ‘Mouse over 49’ where 49 is one of the numbers on the list. You can then say, Page down, down 10, etc.

Thanks, Ron,

Couldn’t figure out how to take just the Gmail screen.

I will try your fix in the morning. I will also try the Chrome bookmark list question I had a couple of weeks ago.

I will let you know .

Much appreciated.


it worked great.

As always, thank you for your help.