Intag Overlays


Because I have my Intag overlays constantly open is there an option to reduce the transparency to 0?

This would make it easier to see things on the screen without having to strain my eyes so much.

Many thanks Mark Ouch


Absolutely. However, you should learn how to configure VoiceComputer.

First, say configure VoiceComputer to open the VoiceComputer configuration dialog.

Second, say four open to open the Configure InTags font sizes and colors.

Third, on the right side of that dialog under My InTags you can change the font size, the background color, and the transparency.

The first thing that I would suggest is to try changing the background to "White" and see how much of a difference that makes.

If you still want to change the transparency to 0, then open the drop-down list under "Transparency of My InTags background and just select "100".

The bottom line is that you can experiment with font sizes background colors and transparency for both InTags and My InTags Until you get the desired setting.

On the other hand, if you're talking about changing the template background, the answer is NO, and you wouldn't want to. We have that background is light as we can make it so that you know that the My InTags overlay is being displayed.

Note that there are circumstances where some of the settings are more to your liking than others. However, making the above changes take effect immediately so you can always change the settings to fit your needs.

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I disagree with Chuck.

It makes sense to let you change the transparency / color of the template background and we will do this but you’ll have to wait a while.

We’re finishing up a new version that should be released very soon but we’ll work on letting users configure the transparency /color of the template background in the following release.

Definitely looking forward to the new release!
Ron already mentioned to implement the option to completely remove the bluish background of the my intags function in the forthcoming release.
It is true that it will definitely strain your eyes if you have it turned on all the time.
Any additional blue light on your computer should be avoided, because it will not only strain your eyes, but possibly also damage your retina in the long run.
As an in between solution you can use the program Flux

Mind you, that won’t completely eliminate the blue light of my intags, but it will make everything else on your computer easier on your eyes.

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