Intag in Chrome of files on local drive


Hello Ron

Suppose I enter into the address bar of Google Chrome a file in the following form:


rather say a real internet address, http:// etc.

the HTML page displays exactly like a real webpage,

should that page Intag?

It was doing so, albeit intermittently, up until a couple of weeks ago. But there have been Windows 10 and Chrome updates and now it will not Intag (IN logo red). I think that your answer to this may unravel all of the issues that I have experienced with Voicecomputer.

Kind regards, Stephen

P.S. My real homepage is a matrix of links. I prefer to keep this on the local drive so that this page is not public.

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should that page Intag?

Evidently not. It doesn’t for me although I think it used to.

Duplicating what you’re doing doesn’t display the page as a webpage but more like an FTP site, which is not accessible - unless you set up overlays.

Thank you, Ron. It did work up until a couple of weeks ago (albeit in an irregular manner).

If I create a web page that is not publically-linked; when I click on a link, recipients can trace the page from which the click arose. I am not sure that that can be made private.

The alternative Chrome numbering system does populate the local (non-web) page.

Anyway, this could explain the earlier problems that I had. I will retest over the forthcoming week.