Intag Extension for Chrome is now available

We upgraded our Intag Extension for Chrome and took it out of beta.

(It’s an automatic upgrade, so if you already have the Intag Extension, you don’t need to do anything.)

If you don’t have the extension, you can now download it from the Google store without registering, by following this link.

(Open the link from Chrome!)

Note: You still won’t be able to search for the extension on the Google store because we haven’t formally released it yet because our lead programmer (Evan), doesn’t like the screenshots and images that I gave him.

If anyone has time, please email me any great screenshots of our Chrome extension in use so that when people search for the extension, they’ll be able to see what they’re getting.

RonK2017-02-11 12:17:04

Very nice!

Here’s two screenshots to start with, one from my YouTube channel :wink: and another one from the Band in a Box user forum.

Speech19652017-02-11 13:12:24


Thanks but the images didn’t come through. Email them to me and I’ll try to upload them to the site and try to figure out what happened.

I found that the link works from an Outlook email message, but presumably only if Chrome is set as the default browser.


Google Chrome does not have to be your default browser. It only has to be launched first before you attempt to access and install the Chrome extension.

Otherwise, it will try to do it using your default browser. Therefore, open Google Chrome first and then click on the link.

Good to know Chuck