Intag <1-100> <left | right>

If I understand it correctly, the subject command lets you move Intagged items around on the taskbar. When I try it (after first numbering the taskbar using “intag taskbar”), Dragon doesn’t seem to recognize the command. Intag is recognized as “intact” or “interrogate” or, at best, “in tag.” (Taskbar items are not combined as per the instruction.) The commands “Intag taskbar,” “Intag window”, etc. seem to work well.

The documentation is out-of-date. The command is just <1-100> <left | right >.

We’ll be correcting the documentation and improving the capabilities in next week’s release.

Thanks, Ron. I often work on documentation myself and know the challenge of keeping it up-to-date when things are changing.Fred F2015-06-12 10:04:57


Having been able to duplicate the fact that this command isn’t working in the current version of VoiceComputer, I spoke with Ron about it.

Per my discussion with Ron, we think we have found the problem and will resolve it in the next release.

Thanks for the followup, Chuck.