Inserting .jpgs into forum posts

I see the icon that indicates we can insert an image into a posting, but when I click on it we are taken to a screen that is asking for a URL. If I had a screen shot that was on my desktop that I wanted to include in a posting, how would I do that?

Thanks yet again!


Right now you can only add an image if you have access to your own website (i.e., that’s why it’s asking for URL). However, I’m asking Ron if we can change that, which we should be able to do. If you noticed Peter Maddern’s post where he did insert an image, that came from his website (UK DNS forum).

I had also tried this previously to insert an image and also posed the question as to how it would work but this appeared to have gone unnoticed.

What would be useful would be something similar to that used on the KnowBrainer forum as that works quite well and I would think that a lot of people who will access this forum have already been using the KnowBrainer forum and familiar with how it works.

As they say, a picture speaks a 1000 words.


This can be done because the website format is the same as that used numerous other forums. However, it simply has to be added as an option. We will make this adjustment. It’s just currently on the back burner. Nevertheless, I agree with you completely. We have made this request to the web host ISP.

Hopefully, we’ll get to it soon.