Idiot guides for an idiot

Hi all,

Has anybody created any idiot guides for the system that they would be prepared to share? For example, how to create custom overlays? I’m an idiot and I’m really struggling with the standard tutorials.


Idiot guides can be very useful! If anyone has written self-help instruction for any part of the VC program, please post them or email them to me to help us improve our documentation.

First, I want to confirm that you’ve read the “Show Overlay Lesson” and seen the overlay demo.

Try this:

  1. Go to any window and say, “Show Overlay”

  2. Move the mouse to any control (or position) in the window and say, “Create Tag”

  3. Repeat a few times.

  4. Say one of the numbers on the overlay and the program will click at that point.

  5. Say, “Close overlay”

  6. Reposition the window on your desktop, while keeping focus in the program.

  7. Say, Show Overlay. - The Window will be resized to its original position when you created the overlay and the Overlay will open.

  8. To click on a control or position, say its number.

Let us know if this helps!